5 Reasons to advertise remote visual support in selling points!


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Every business has unique selling points and so does yours. Those utilizing AIRe Link might consider including remote visual support to their list of selling points. And it’s a good idea, setting your business apart from competitors. Continue reading to find out why remote visual support should be a part of your selling points and learn the reasons that convince your customers.

Should I use remote visual support as a selling point?

Why shouldn’t you advertise the fact your business takes advantage of a remote support tool? The use of AIRe Link is something new and existing customers can both be excited about, improving the quality of service they receive. New customers comparing your business against competitors might even be sold on the fact remote assistance is available.

5 Reasons to sell your customers.

There are many benefits to AIRe Link that not only benefit your business but also benefit your customers who experience an improved quality of service. Outlined are five benefits you can advertise to customers when promoting your usage of remote visual support.

Customers get faster fixes with remote assistance.

Customers calling support lines will now have the option to visually show what issues are present rather than having to describe them over the phone with audio-only capabilities. A remote assistance connection can quickly be established where technicians visually see what issue the customer is facing and can guide them to a resolution fast, all remotely.

On-site support can be tailored to customer needs before visiting.

AIRe Link’s remote support tool can also be used to improve the efficiency of customer site engineer visits. It’s recommended before engineer callouts occur; technicians visually diagnose issues with the customer using remote assistance. Technicians although won’t be able to provide a resolution, can identify problems present, order spare parts in advance if required and update the engineer. Engineers arrive on-site already aware of issues present with a resolution plan in mind, boosting the speed of service customers receive.

Connections are easy to establish on different devices.

Customers can connect with technicians easily, fast and without the need to install anything. Support can be provided to customers using their mobile phones, tablet, or other devices with web-browser camera capabilities. To establish a connection, simply create a support session, add a user by email or phone, the customer will receive an invitation link via email or sms and upon clicking, is connected to the technician. Learn more about inviting customers to AIRe Link with our blog post.

Clear pricing for customers.

Support session pricing between you and your customer can be arranged in a number of ways from contract agreements to within AIRe Link before sessions are undertaken. AIRe Link allows the technician and customer to agree upon a price for remote assistance before starting so both remain clear on costs. Explore more information about the paid assistance feature.

Compatible with UVC Cameras.

Specialized camera equipment can be used by customers during remote support sessions when utilizing the remote assistance app AIRe Link Bridge. UVC-compatible camera devices enable higher-resolution video streams, improved safety and more. Want to explore what else you can do with AIRe Link Bridge?