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Curious about AIRe Link remote visual support? You’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you gain a better understanding of this powerful tool.

Remote visual support solution

Remote visual support, also known as remote visual assistance, is a way to solve technical issues faster, save money, and reduce carbon emissions. It allows a secure connection between an assistant and a customer, even when they are far apart. The assistant can use interactive features to guide the customer while the customer shows the problem through sharing audio and video, following the instructions to fix the issue.

One of the professional tools for remote visual support is AIRe Link by Konica Minolta, and you can give it a try for free to see the benefits for yourself.

Remote visual support provides significant advantages for both businesses and customers.

Businesses can enjoy

  • More effective customer support
  • Expand their global reach
  • Save time and money by reducing on-site visits
  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • And create new revenue streams through premium remote services


Customers, on the other hand

  • Experience faster issue resolutions
  • Improved communication compared to standard platforms
  • And gain valuable knowledge for handling future issues


In summary, remote visual support is a win-win, offering efficiency, global access, cost savings, and enhanced communication for businesses and customers.

Certainly! AIRe Link by Konica Minolta is a trusted solution you can explore to its fullest potential with a free trial. Following the trial period, you’ll have the option to decide if you’d like to subscribe to the Professional plan keeping premium features, or if the Basic plan for free meets your needs adequately.

For an ideal remote visual support tool, it’s crucial that it prioritizes GDPR compliance to safeguard both your business and customers. Additionally, it should provide stability to ensure a seamless connection while offering user-friendly features that empower you to assist customers swiftly.

AIRe Link by Konica Minolta encompasses all mentioned above. You can experience it firsthand with a free trial, allowing you to decide if it’s the ultimate solution for your needs.


To start remote visual support, you need to create an account with AIRe Link first.

  1. Send an email or SMS invitation to join an AIRe Link session.
  2. Then customers simply click the invitation link to join the session, without any app installation.
  3. You can see what the customer sees and can guide them visually.

Learn more about tips on how to simply start a remote visual support session or take a look at the technical documentation to discover more.

We highly recommend taking tours after creating an account to discover how to use the AIRe Link features. You can also take a look at our straightforward technical documentation to see guides for each functionality.

Follow ten tips in the AIRe Link Best Practices leaflet to get the most out of the powerful tool. You will learn how to prepare the customer for AIRe Link remote visual support, how to share session data afterward, and much more!

We highly recommend entering the feedback by simply selecting from options if the issue was resolved or not, so you can keep track of your success rate and provide your manager with exact data.

Join our community forum serving the purpose of technical support. If you challenged any issues on AIRe Link, please use the form to reach out to us and we get back to you as soon as possible.

For end-users

AIRe Link is a professional tool by Konica Minolta, that enables you to get the prompt support you need at a distance without a long waiting time for an on-site visit. In contrast to phone calls, emails, or other distance connections, it enables the assistant to see what you see and guide you visually. The result? Faster issue resolution minimizing downtime on your machine, reducing CO2 emissions, and increasing your knowledge of the device. Explore other benefits and the way you connect to remote visual support via the AIRe Link in our document.

As a start, you should receive the invitation to the AIRe Link session via SMS, or email. To join the session, simply click the link provided in the invitation, and then grant all permissions if possible. After that, the session starts and the assistant can see what you see, enhancing your communication on issue resolution. Learn more in our leaflet for customers.

Of course! The permissions are necessary to experience remote visual support at its full potential, and it’s completely secure. Access to your camera, microphone, and location is limited to the AIRe Link session only conducted by your support provider.

Entering your feedback if you were satisfied or not helps us to track the quality of the provided support. It’s crucial so we can better understand your perspective which leads to a more optimized approach.


Certainly! You can experience AIRe Link at its fullest potential with a free trial. Following the trial period, you’ll have the option to decide if you’d like to subscribe to the Professional plan keeping premium features, or if the Basic plan for free meets your needs adequately.

You can upgrade your current plan at any time. Go to the “Subscription” menu item → “Current plan” row → click the “Upgrade subscription” button → and click “Upgrade” under the selected plan with the period. Then you are navigated to payment and selection of a number of users.

You can manage your account settings, including phone number, location, language, and more directly at AIRe Link. Simply click on your name in the left-down corner → select “My account” → and update information by clicking on the pencil symbol. To learn more, explore our technical documentation, specifically “Account settings” under the “User guide”.


Of course! AIRe Link is fully GDPR-compliant, as it’s a professional tool for remote visual support. Discover more at our Privacy Policy documentation.

Using AIRe Link is fully secure. It’s a professional tool so in contrast to other communication platforms or chat apps follows higher security requirements.

The infrastructure is hosted in highly secure AWS data centers, benefiting from redundancy, security for exposed components, and protection against DDoS attacks through AWS Cloudfront and AWS WAF. It employs industry-standard communication protocols to connect Client and Assistant devices, ensuring secure communication through network isolation and encryption during transfer. The platform runs on HTTPS with automatic security certificate renewal via Let’s Encrypt. Access to data is carefully controlled through a user role and permissions system, and AIRe Link proudly maintains GDPR compliance. Learn more at our Privacy Policy documentation.

The AIRe Link uses highly secured AWS data centers. AWS Cloudfront and AWS WAF also provide redundancy, security for exposed components, and protection against DDoS attacks. Learn more at our Privacy Policy documentation.

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