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The simplicity of AIRe Link: Create a remote visual support session in three steps 

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What are remote visual support sessions?

Remote visual support sessions are created using tools such as AIRe Link to provide real-time services to customers, no matter where in the world they are. Technicians can see through customer cameras so can easily diagnose and resolve issues without having to be physically present. Remote visual support sessions enable service teams to guide customers through repairs, improving satisfaction rates while reducing costs in the form of decreased onsite visits. 

Electrician, engineer and maintenance man receiving support over the phone via AIRe Link

Three steps to creating your first session

AIRe Link provides a remarkably simple-to-use remote visual support tool that makes establishing support sessions with customers effortless. In three simple steps, a secure connection can be established so real-time support can be provided. Let’s have a close look at how it works. 

1) Create a session invitation link

In the AIRe Link platform select the create a session button and input the required information which you can find here within the user-guide tab under sessions. Before starting the session, it’s advised to prepare new customers, for example with a brief phone call beforehand to explain the process and what they can expect.  

Session invitation links can be conveniently sent to customers via SMS, email or both. As most users use mobile, SMS is the fastest option as the link is clickable on the device likely to be used as the camera. Email invitations can be sent to add a level of professionalism with the link copyable to the device of choice for the session. It’s important to note email invitation links exist for all users while only professional subscribers can utilize SMS.   

2) Establish a secure connection

Once your customer receives the invitation link, establishing a secure connection is seamless. They simply click the link which opens the session on their device’s browser. No download is required however a prompt requesting camera and microphone permissions will appear which needs to be enabled. It’s important to reassure customers AIRe Link is GDPR-compliant and secure so there are no worries when enabling permissions. 

During the session, it is best practice to avoid having customers switch from one application on their device to another. While the session browser is closed, video and audio capabilities will not function as expected delaying the resolution. Keep customers within the support session browser to ensure uninterrupted troubleshooting and resolution. 

3) Conduct real-time visual support

Now the connection is established you are ready to provide real-time visual support. AIRe Link provides technicians with a range of in-session features that enhance the way problems are solvedFeatures such as the live pointer and real-time drawing enable technicians to highlight specific areas of attention and annotate how repairs are undertaken in real-time. Snapshots can even be taken and annotated to add more detail then sent to the customer’s device while you explain the process. 

A good idea is to record and save sessions for later diagnostics stages. Before recording sessions, customer consent is required under GDPR, so ensure you request permission before doing so. Once the session is concluded you can be saved recordings which can serve multiple purposes. The main being able to share recordings with colleagues who can assist in diagnosing their issues. Another is recordings showing how to undertake certain repairs can also be saved and shared with the team as a training resource. 

Try AIRe Link free today

AIRe Link simplifies the process of creating remote visual support sessions to just three simple steps. From sending invitation links and establishing secure connections to conducting real-time visual support resolving customer issues, the platform ensures a user-friendly experience for both customers and technicians. Try AIRe Link today for free with a 30-day professional trial and unlock the benefits for your service team. 

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