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What is AIRe Link Bridge?

AIRe Link Bridge is a remote assistance app developed by Konica Minolta designed for service teams. Technicians and customers adopting the remote assistance app unlock additional benefits not available within AIRe Link’s browser-based version. Continue reading to learn what AIRe Link Bridge is, what benefits services teams get, and learn how to start putting the remote support app in service.

Why use AIRe Link Bridge remote assistance app?

Connect specialist camera equipment.

Specialist UVC camera equipment compatibility is the main benefit on offer with the AIRe Link Bridge remote support app. A wide range of service teams already own and operate different specialist cameras for a range of purposes, and now, with AIRe Link Bridge, can be used during remote support sessions at no extra cost. It’s important to note, AIRe Link Bridge is not limited to the below-mentioned camera type examples however, camera devices must be UVC compatible.

Mounted cameras.

Most service teams will find mounted cameras to be most useful when conducting repairs that require the use of both hands. Instead of trying to prop up a mobile phone so remote technicians can view repairs being undertaken, connect the mounted camera device via AIRe Link’s remote assistance app so the technician can view in detail the piece of equipment being worked on. Brands such as RealWear and others are compatible with AIRe Link Bridge, allowing for the use of chest, head, helmet, arm, or any other type of camera mounts that service teams utilize. Mounted cameras are used for many purposes, so why not remote visual support?

Infrared cameras.

There are many use cases where infrared cameras come in handy to ensure machinery is operating at optimal temperatures. When diagnosing issues remotely, technicians won’t be able to feel how hot or cold machines are which might lead to an incorrect diagnosis, especially if the machine is a heat-sensitive device such as hot plates, ovens, heating mantles, and more. With AIRe Link Bridge and infrared cameras, this issue can easily be resolved. Technicians using devices such as FLIR’s One Gen 3 or similar will be able to view the temperatures of devices during remote support sessions easily without the need for an on-site visit.

What is a UVC standard camera?

As mentioned above cameras compatible with AIRe Link’s remote assistance app must use the UVC standard. But what exactly is a UVC standard camera? In short UVC devices are ones that can transmit streams over USB from the camera to a connected device without additional adjustments made by the user.  Non-UVC standard cameras won’t work with AIRe Link Bridge as the video cannot be detected and streamed to remote support technicians. As long as your specialist camera can stream video over USB it will work with AIRe Link’s remote support app.

Reduce Safety Concerns.

For many service teams, the concern regarding safety is one to take into consideration when it comes to remote visual support. AIRe Link works by having engineers or customers hold a mobile / tablet device in their hand so technicians can visibly see the issues present. For certain machinery, both hands must be free to ensure repairs are carried out safely. That’s where AIRe Link Bridge comes in, allowing engineers and customers to show remote technicians issues present while having both hands free to make repairs safely when utilizing mounted cameras.

Another safety concern that AIRe Link’s remote assistance app resolves is that of overheating. When utilizing infrared cameras for remote visual support, technicians will be able to see the current machine temperature and have the ability to detect dangerous levels which could pose a fire risk. The remote technician can then instruct the customer what to do next or send an on-site engineer to resolve the problem in person.

How to use the remote assistance app!

To use AIRe Link Bridge remote assistance app simply.

  • Have the customer or technician connect their camera to the device used for support sessions.
  • Check the connection has been established within the app.
  • Create a new session and have the customer or technician open the invitation link on their device.
  • The AIRe Link webpage will automatically detect AIRe Link Bridge and the connected camera.
  • The assistant will be able to see video from the connected camera.
  • Conduct the remote support session as usual knowing you now can use a wide range of specialist cameras for a wide range of tasks.


Currently, AIRe Link Bridge is an android remote assistance app only compatible with devices that have access to Google Play. Unfortunately, the android remote assistance app AIRe Link Bridge is not available on iOS devices due to iPhones and iPads not having USB UVC compatibility. Should AIRe Link Bridge be released on iOS devices a news release will be sent to clients informing them of the update.

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