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Don’t let earnings slip away with the new paid assistance feature

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Discover the brand-new feature developed for AR-Based remote visual support implemented by AIRe Link, Paid Assistance. Designed for the purpose of enabling teams to take control of customer billing, ensuring profitability, while opening up new opportunities. Continue reading to learn more about the new paid service feature and see how it benefits your business. 

Why was the paid assistance feature added?

The team at AIRe Link constantly reviews client feedback to find out what improvements can be made. From feedback, we discovered a common client issue regarding customer billing for short fixes and those not covered under SLA’s. You asked and we listened.

“Field service providers are grappling with customers’ need to minimize human contact and have more work performed either remotely or by the customer themselves in collaboration with technicians using AR” – Gartner Critical Capabilities for Field Service Management 2020. As the world becomes more digital the need for remote support services increases so it makes sense the ability to charge customers per fix is implemented.

Why use the paid assistance feature?

Reduce service revenue concerns regarding remote visual support

Field service managers may have concerns regarding service revenues and potential reductions from offering remote services. The feature Paid Assistance reduces concerns of service revenue and profitability. The ability to agree prices for remote support prior to sessions beginning enables you to remain profitable. At the same time your customers receive the high-quality service they expect, while having their issues resolved faster remotely 

The option to agree a price before remote support services are undertaken enables field services teams to take that next step in offering remote services profitably in addition to on-site engineer visits.

Reduce costs for customers. Make more profit

As we know harnessing augmented reality-based remote visual support reduces the requirement for on-site engineer visits. Especially when utilizing the remote diagnoses first approach to identify issues prior to a call out. As a result, operating costs should be reduced resulting in increased profits for field service teams. Savings can then be passed down, leading to happier and more satisfied customers. Simply use the paid assistance feature to agree pricing for remote support at a lower rate than would be normally charged for an on-site visit. It’s a Win Win! 

“Creating long-term successful customer relationships requires more than technical proficiency. Customer loyalty is created by experiences that delight customers, and this takes more than arriving on time and fixing the problem on the first visit without creating a mess” – Deloitte Digital.

Open new revenue sources

AIRe Links new paid assistance feature opens up the potential for field services teams to generate revenue from new sources. New customers requiring only one-time fixes. Not wishing to enter into service-level agreements, can now easily be served by your field service team profitably. Simply offer one-time fixes and using the paid assistance feature agree a price for resolution before remote support sessions begin.  

Being able to offer one-time fixes profitably without having to enter into long term contracts makes your field service team attractive to a wider range of customers looking to keep their costs low when getting remote support services.

Clear pricing for customers

The ability to agree prices with customers before undertaking support is the main benefit to our paid assistance feature. Now you can ensure remote services are provided profitably whilst customers guarantee they don’t go over budget. Running into unexpected charges not outlined in their SLA (Service Level Agreement) is no longer a fear with AIRe Link.

How does the paid assistance feature Work?

  1. Create a new support session and invite your customer.
  2. Once connected navigate to the toolbar at the bottom of your screen.
    Paid assistance
  3. Enter the require cost of remote support and select “Submit for approval”.
    Paid assistance
  4. The customer will be met with a prompt to either Confirm or Reject the suggested pricing.
    Paid assistance
  5. Once approved the support session can go ahead. Don’t forget to inform your finance department of the agreed cost so they can invoice accordingly.
    Paid assistance

AIRe Link's success with Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Service for more than two years have been utilizing AIRe Link and as a result of their implementation. Remote visual support has helped avoid over 6,000 on-site engineer visits in 2021 alone. From this Konica Minolta was able to save hundreds of thousands of Euros which otherwise would have been spent on engineer travelling and accommodation costs. Not only were costs reductions made, customers experienced a higher quality of service remotely with the time taken to solve issues significantly reduced, and the chance of a first-time fix occurring increased. 

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