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Is remote visual support a threat or an opportunity for your field service team?

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COVID-19 has been responsible for accelerating the necessity for a digital workplace with businesses struggling to adapt, finding normal operations flipped on their head. The manufacturing industry is now asking. What does the digital acceleration caused by the pandemic mean for their vendors and their customers? 

The innovation team at Konica Minolta Intelligent Connected Workplace (ICW) over a five-year functioning period has engaged with nearly one hundred different service teams from across the globe. It turns out the most common reaction teams have when faced with impending industry solutions like AR-Based remote support tools. Is curiosity, which can often be shortly followed by fear.

It’s natural to be fearful when faced with unknown remote service technology, many employees find themselves fearing unemployment. While being a valid fear knowing remote technical support is on the rise. It cannot be forgotten on-site engineers are unavoidable and it will remain this way for a long time to come. Remote visual support should be utilized in conjunction to make the field engineers’ jobs easier and more efficient, not to replace their skills! 

Is there an opportunity?

So, what is the opportunity in remote visual support for the service industry? The best remote support tools should no longer be viewed as a risk. More as an avenue for opportunity along with business expansion. 

Offer customers a higher-quality of service

Gurney Ghathory from Rayprographics Ltd United Kingdom a Konica Minolta Customer shows us an example of how AR-Based visual support tools have assisted his businessI was asked to use AIRe Link to show sample prints to the Konica Minolta remote technician. He guided me through some troubleshooting procedures and was able to diagnose a part which needed replacement. As the fault diagnosis was already carried out remotely and the technician already knew exactly which spare part was required, my machine could be fixed directly on the first visit. AIRe Link was incredibly quick and easy to use.” 

The best remote support tools allow service teams to offer a higher quality of service which customers ultimately notice. How could they not when they see Faster Diagnoses, Quicker Fixes, Easier Communication, and more benefits? 

Reduce costs Improve operations

Field service teams often run into the same problem, not having enough in-house engineers to dispatch for customer repairs. Creating dedicated remote resolution teams, adding AR-Based visual support tools to their service toolbox can alleviate pressure for on-site engineers. A chunk of issues can now be resolved remotely without the need for callouts. Remote technicians can now resolve issues faster for customers while at the same time reducing costs in a number of ways. 

Briefing customers via remote technical support prior to an on-site visit improves the chance for a first-time fix. Best of all, if an on-site visit is required, time can be saved by ordering spare parts in advance and having them delivered before the field engineers reach the customer’s site. 

Build better customer relationships

Resolving customer issues remotely can save field service team’s valuable time. It’s always recommended to re-invest extra time into building customer relations. Engineers can focus more energy on getting to know your customer’s needs, requirements, and expectations instead of traveling. Ultimately leading to a better customer experience that solidifies your reputation. 

Opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions

For many businesses across the globe reducing CO2 emissions is of utmost importance and the field service industry is no exception. Help us fight climate change by utilizing AR-Based visual support tools to diagnose technical issues before visits occur. You never know. A solution could be found remotely removing the need for an on-site visit which best of all reduces CO2 emissions!

What’s the threat?

The threat of falling behind

For service teams and manufacturing companies the threat is not remote visual support. It’s the lack of implementing tools like AR-Based visual support AIRe Link. As service technologies advance business risk falling behind the competition. While competitors increase brand recognition, improve customer satisfaction, make operations more efficient, hire the best talent and work with the best businesses. Your business appears outdated! 

Slow compared to competitors

Remote support tools like AIRe Link can be used by service teams to create shared knowledge bases. Technicians can access content made by other colleagues to leverage their experience when assisting customers for faster resolutions. 

While your competitors adapt to future technologies and take advantage of AR-Based visual support tool benefits, you become slow and risk losing customers due to a lack of experience. 

The threat of brand damage and loss of customers

Missing out on the vital benefits provided by remote visual support is a risk to your brand image. When customers become aware that better services from competitors are available. They might make the switch. It’s best your service team makes the switch first bringing your business to the forefront of service technology. Signup to AIRe Link For Free! 

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