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8 Ways field service teams can prepare for the holiday season

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The holiday season can become one of the busiest times of the year for a wide range of sectors that rely on field service teams for maintenance. To ensure operations run smoothly. These businesses often experience increased demand during the holiday season and therefore require prepared field service teams. It’s not an overstatement to say some businesses can fail without them.  

Field service teams as a result should prepare early for the holiday season. Don’t be caught off guard and ensure you thrive during busier periods. 

1) Put a plan in place

It’s important to have a plan in place when approaching busy times of the year. Know exactly how operations will run ahead of time. Ensure all teams have enough employees to cover the expected workload and other aspects of your business. A good idea is to use data from previous years to evaluate which sectors require the most attention. 

2) Check your equipment

Before the holiday season begins it’s important to prepare properly to prevent faults from occurring that delay field service technicians in assisting customers. Check the tyres, breaks, lights, and more on service vehicles to prevent breakdowns which leave engineers stranded. Ensure all tools are working as intended and spare parts are ordered in advance to be used when required.

3) Try remote visual support

Field service teams not using AIRe Link should consider remote visual support to assist them during busy holiday seasons. The main benefit is reducing engineer callouts by resolving customer issues remotely, resolving issues without having the leave the office reduces costs and leads to happier customers. Learn more about remote visual support!

4) Brush up on training

Before the holiday seasons start, schedule training sessions with technicians and engineers to brush up on their skills. This way you boost productivity during the busy period as undertaking training makes employees feel confident in their operational abilities. In addition to giving opportunities to learn new skills with co-workers. 

5) Uniform for the weather

Field service teams undertaking call outs to customer sites should be prepared with the correct uniform for the weather. Uniform outfits should be warm, comfortable, and breathable so engineers can carry out repairs while representing your company and remaining warm during cold seasons.

6) Check up on employee mental health

Holiday seasons for some can be a challenging time mentally and field service teams should be supportive. A good idea for managers could be to have a quick conversation with team members to check-in on how they are doing and if they require any support. Sometimes a listening ear is all that is needed this time of year. Learn more about mental health in the workplace.

7) Try introducing half day Christmas rotas

A good way to boost moral among staff at Christmas and for the new year is offering half day rota’s during the holiday season. Most employees want to spend valuable time with their family during these periods so offering half day shifts for example 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm can greatly boost moral within field service teams. 

8) Don’t forget about the holiday office party

Don’t forget about the holiday office party! A holiday-themed office party is a great way to increase morale and motivate team members during busy periods. Make sure all workers are made aware of the party so you can estimate how many will attend. Workplace functions allow employees to form bonds with each other which in turn, leads to a better workplace environment for all.

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