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Invite customers directly from your contacts with the AIRe Link app

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What is the AIRe Link Android app?

Introducing AIRe Link’s brand-new android remote visual support app. The remote technician’s new favourite app for connecting with mobile contacts. Designed by Konica Minolta as the solution for technicians in frequent mobile contact with customers. Now you can create remote support sessions the way you want to. From the saved contacts on your mobile device no matter where you are. 

Here’s why you’ll love the remote visual support app

Did you know? The AIRe Link remote support app allows technicians to invite customers directly from their device’s saved contacts. Other solutions make you look unprofessional when it takes time to re-enter customer contact information to create a support session. Not with AIRe Link.  

Simply enable the loud speaker on your phone, navigate to the AIRe Link app, create a support session and select the customer from your contacts, you can then request the customer click on the support link they received to join. Why waste time re-entering their information? It’s already stored on your phone.  

Create support sessions in 2 clicks

Create and invite customers to support sessions with two easy clicks using the remote visual support app. Simply click the create new session button, select the customer and name your session, then hit create. An automatic invite will be sent to the customer and the technician bought to a screen from which they can connect to the call on their mobile device. 

Smoothly transition to visual support whilst on call

Technicians already on the phone with customers can smoothly transition the call to include visual capabilities with the remote visual support app. Whilst on the phone, create a new session within the AIRe Link app but this time tick the option “Mute Microphones”.  Customers can now connect for visual capabilities without having duplicated audio or the need to end their current call, enabling you to guide them should they struggle to connect to the visual support session. 

Carry out remote visual support on the move

Lend your expertise to customers and colleagues facing urgent issues whilst on the move. Sessions created within the app are carried out within the mobile’s web browser just like normal. This way, the same great AIRe Link features are available on mobile such as the live pointer, snapshot and more, so you can continue to deliver the same high standard of service, as usual, no matter where you are. 

AIRe Link App vs AIRe Link Bridge

The new remote visual support app is our second application available for download on Android. You might be wondering, what’s the difference between them?  

The new AIRe Link remote visual support app is designed for technicians constantly using their mobile devices to support customers. The alternative, AIRe Link Bridge, is designed so customers can connect specialist camera equipment during support sessions which you can learn more about here

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