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What is the difference between remote desktop and remote visual assistance?

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What is the difference between remote desktop and remote visual assistance? Is a question that can be confusing for some. Both are similar in ways, but importantly, have major differences that set them apart. This article aims to clear up the confusion between both technologies outlining what both are, their purpose, and which one best suit your business requirements. 

What is remote visual assistance?

Remote visual assistance is possible with the use of AR-based remote visual support tools such as AIRe Link. AR-based remote visual support enables technical experts to assist engineers and customer in the field lending their expertise as if they are virtually present. Remote visual assistance works by connecting to a customer’s camera-enabled device such as a smartphone.

After which your technicians will be able to see exactly what the camera is showing. Technicians can guide customers through specific tasks while being able to visually monitor whether each step is carried out correctly. Remote visual assistance can be utilized for a range of use cases not limited to. 

Resolving hardware issues

Remote visual assistance AIRe Link can be utilized to resolve a range of issues for computers, machinery, and other equipment used by businesses and customers in the field. Your remote technicians can guide already on-site customers or engineers via AIRe Link to diagnoses or resolve problems. 

Visual capabilities permit technicians to view issues at hand. While audio communication allows for conversation with customers and the ability to hear strange noises emitting from machinery or other equipment. 

Diagnosing issues

Issues that cannot be resolved remotely using AR-based remote visual assistance AIRe Link can still be diagnosed remotely to assist engineers. Remote technicians can assess problems and even pinpoint causes so that when engineers arrive on-site, a resolution can be provided fast. 

Visual inspections

Equipment requiring regular inspections can result in high operational costs when engineers are required to visit on-site each time. Remote visual assistance can be utilized so that an already on-site team member or customers can visually connect with remote inspectors and follow their guidance to carry out inspection checks. Learn more about how remote visual assistance can be used for inspections

What is remote desktop?

Remote desktop works in the form of a program or operating system feature which when used, enables users to take control of another computer remotely as if they were there in person. Users will see exactly what is on screen in real-time with the ability to take control of the computer when required to resolve technical issues or complete other tasks. Remote desktop applications can be used for a number of beneficial purposes not limited to. 

Resolving computer software-based issues

For technical computer issues regarding operating systems and software, remote desktop is the best solution to use when providing support. Technicians can connect to customer computers visually to view present issues, with permission. They can then take control of the keyboard and mouse to diagnose and resolve problems without the need for additional customer intervention.  

Ask permission before taking control

Remote desktop tools have become synonymous with scammers who request victims to provide remote desktop access to steal data such as banking details. As a result, customers might be hesitant to provide remote access to their computers. It’s therefore best to make clear you intend to use remote desktop tools at the start of the support call. 

Working from home

Remote desktop should not exclusively be looked at for only technical support purposes. The ability the connect to any computer remotely provides a range of opportunities. For one, employees working from home can access their office computers remotely to continue projects.  

This means the need to constantly exchanging files between home and work devices no longer exists. Best of all, employees can access their work computer from anywhere in the world not just at home. 

Which is better for my business?

The answer to the question. Which is better for my business, remote desktop or remote visual assistance? Depends on your business operations and customer requirements. Some businesses require the use of both tools to provide quality support services. Whilst other teams specialise in only computer software or hardware issues, therefore, require one solution. Assess your business requirements to decide which solution is best. 


To conclude, remote desktop and AR-based remote visual assistance are similar in the sense both are used to provide support. However, it’s important to remember they both differ and provide unique advantages to their respective users.  

Is remote visual assistance AIRe Link right for you?

Consult with our remote visual assistant AIRe Link experts to discover if AIRe Link is right for your business. Get a guided tour of the platform and be shown how to use features to maximise benefits. Best of all you get a 30-day free trial without credit card requirements when you sign up. 

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