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Mastering the Holiday rush with AIRe Link’s remote visual support 

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Senior field technician working from the office during Christmas wearing a Santa outfit

The winter holiday season is fast approaching bringing with it the associated joy, but also stress for service team leaders. Many technicians will be requesting time off to spend the holidays with loved ones while service requests might increase at the same time. Don’t just struggle this holiday season with an increased workload and fewer experienced workers. Explore how AIRe Link’s remote visual support can help you master the holiday rush and beyond into the new year. 

Employees can work from home to spend more time with loved ones

Because AIRe Link is a web-based remote visual support tool, technicians are able to work from anywhere in the world with internet access using their computer or mobile device. Service leads can let their employees work from home which is perfect during the holiday season. You can rely on your team should workloads increase while they get to spend more time with loved ones. It’s a win-win! 

Technician working at home during Christmas celebrating the fact she can spend more time with family

Your technicians working from home can communicate with customers over the phone as normal. They should request customers connect via AIRe Link so they can visually diagnose and resolve their issues without leaving their homes. It’s best to have some engineers working on-site during the holidays should technicians come across problems they cannot resolve remotely. Your technicians can inform the on-site engineers of the issue so it can be resolved in person. This way your customers still receive quality support without delay while your team is happier spending more time with loved ones. 

Go remote and avoid the roads during unpredictable times to stay safe

The winter holiday season brings to the roads the hustle and bustle of festive shoppers, families and friends gathering, with more people undertaking other activities all contributing to increased traffic congestion. The unpredictability of road conditions is further enhanced by weather presenting heavy rain, snowfall and sleet which can lead to icy roads. Services callouts are likely to face delays as engineers navigate through traffic, plan alternative routes, and drive slower to stay safe on the open road. 

This time of year, it’s best to opt for the remote option first. AIRe Link’s remote visual support makes it so an in-person callout remains the last resort option. We recommend service teams always connect visually with customers first to diagnose their problems. Assess if an in-person callout is actually required or if a remote fix can be provided to avoid the roads. If remote fixes are not possible AIRe Link still saves time as prior diagnoses have been carried out so engineers arrive with the right tools and a solution in mind. 

Traffic at Christmas

Achieve more remotely with fewer employees

For some service teams, losing staff during a busy time of year can have drastic impacts on customer delivery times. Customers still require support teams that deliver solutions fast especially those with service-level agreements guaranteeing repairs within a limited time frame. AIRe Link’s remote visual support is the perfect tool enabling service providers to do more with the limited resources at their disposal. 

We recommend taking advantage of the remote first approach mentioned above. Firstly, your customers will be happier to receive a remote solution rather than waiting for engineers to arrive on-site. Secondly, you are able to achieve more with fewer employees. Technicians can use the time that would have been for driving on-site to resolve even more customer issues remotely. AIRe Link especially helps when customers with strict timeframe SLAs call for assistance. Engineers can be dedicated to jobs where remote solutions are not possible so even when a callout is required, customers see faster results. 

Assist new customers with one-time fixes through AIRe Link

Because you use AIRe Link your team has mastered the holiday rush. Your competitors on the other hand might be overwhelmed by support requests and a lack of staff. Their customers might become frustrated at delays and will look elsewhere for solutions. They might even reach out to your team for assistance during this busy period. No matter what the reason, onboarding new customers is vital and proving your reliability during busy periods might make them a customer for life. 

AIRe Link equips your service team with the right features to accept service requests from new customers without service-level agreements. Should businesses call for support services connect with them through AIRe Link and before starting any repairs agree on a price for support using the paid assistance feature. This way new customers can receive fast remote solutions while having a clear price outlined for the service. Learn more about the paid assistance feature and how it can be used to accept one-time repairs from new customers hopefully making them one for life. 

Enjoy the holiday season with AIRe Link’s help

It’s safe to say by this point you feel as if you are ready to master the holiday rush with AIRe Link as your secret weapon. But is there anything else that can be done? You might be interested in reading our article 8 ways to prepare for the holiday season. Offering useful advice on what you can do now so your service team is fully ready and not caught off-guard during the busy season ahead. Want to try AIRe Link free for the holiday season? Try our 30-day free trial with no credit card requirements! 

We want to make sure you get the most out of AIRe Link. Should you require further assistance in understanding remote visual support please do not hesitate to get in touch. From our team to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday with lots of joy and a great new year. 

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