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Reduce response times, minimize unnecessary customer visits and improve first-time fix rates with AIRe Link – a professional browser-based visual remote support tool. Easy to use and ready whenever you are, AIRe Link means providing real-time assistance to your customers across the globe couldn’t be simpler.

In just two clicks, AIRe Link’s visual assistance software shows you what your customer sees, so you can start supporting them with our advanced visual navigation tools in seconds – no app or technical training required.

How it works

Send link

Remote assistant sends the invitation to an AIRe Link session via e-mail or SMS.

Open in browser

Customer clicks the link to join the session, without any app installation.

Start support session

The remote assistant can see what the customer sees and guide them visually.

Full AIRe Link features free for 30 days. No credit card required. No obligation to buy.


Saves time
and effort

AIRe Link reduces the need for travel and increases first-time fix rates, so you can solve your customers’ issues quickly and easily.

Better for

Your teams can be more productive and collaborative with less time spent travelling – good for you and your customers too.


AIRe Link keeps both employees and customers safe by avoiding unnecessary contact in hazardous industries or at times of health crises.

Improves customer

Solving issues remotely makes your team more efficient and effective, so they can provide better support to more of your customers.

Full AIRe Link features free for 30 days. No credit card required. No obligation to buy.

Who AIRe Link is for

Field Service

AIRe Link enables engineers to provide their expertise to customers without the costs and hassle of travelling.

Customer Service

Technical support assistants will be able to see first-hand what the customer is seeing, so they can resolve issues quickly and easily.

Training and Support

Employees can share expertise and support each other, regardless of where they are physically located.


Manufacturing Equipment, Telecommunications Services, IT Services, Computer & Electrical Equipment, Banking & Financial Services, Professional Printing

Full AIRe Link features free for 30 days. No credit card required. No obligation to buy.




  • Client invitation via email
  • Audio/Visual communication
  • Live pointer
  • Realtime drawing
  • Flashlight
  • Session planning
  • Full resolution snapshots
  • Community support

€360 assistant/year or €40 assistant/month

  • All from Basic
  • Client invitation via SMS
  • Screenshots saving
  • Video recording
  • Screen sharing
  • Data exports
  • Team management and analytics
  • Tracking of usage and benefits
  • Customized client messages
  • Voice-to-Text transcriptions
  • Priority support

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Full AIRe Link features free for 30 days. No credit card required. No obligation to buy.

Customer testimonials

Discover how AIRe Link is helping our clients and their customers:

Diagnostic solutions

AIRe Link solution is easy to use and provides excellent quality of video and audio. It helps us to solve issues remotely.

David Burian, Head of Service, Bruker

Read the full case study

Professional printing

AIRe Link enabled me to guide remotely our field engineer to fix cyan issue on the customer’s production printer.

Kevin Archer, Technical Product Specialist, Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK Ltd

Read the full case study

Vertical conveying

Using AIRe Link, we offer our international customers fast and professional remote support without the need for service technicians to be on site.

Heiko Garrelts, Head of After Sales, Nerak GmbH Fördertechnik

Service provider

With the help of AIRe Link, many interventions that - in the past - could not be explained over the phone, can now be solved efficiently, through seeing what the customer sees.

Francesco Santoli, Co-Founder & Manager, Net Solution Srl.

Professional printing

AIRe Link helped me solve a real issue with an office printer by guiding the customer’s administrator. The audio and video quality was very good.

Iván Barquero Majuelos, Technical Support, Konica Minolta Spain

Packaging devices

Thanks to AIRe Link, we are providing fast and high-quality remote service of our high-tech vertical packaging machines to our customers worldwide.

Tomáš Valla, Service Manager, VELTEKO s.r.o.

Professional printing

AIRe Link is easy to use, user friendly and powerful.

Giovanni Fiorino, Data Analyst, Konica Minolta B.S. Italia Spa

Professional printing

AIRe Link helped me a lot when checking some defects during kitting procedure.

Andreas Feldkaemper, Services Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH

Professional printing

Our experience with AIRe Link is very positive. We are going to use it in our service and ITS departments.

Rytis Grigaravicius, IT Manager, Konica Minolta Baltics

Full AIRe Link features free for 30 days. No credit card required. No obligation to buy.

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