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Tibor Varga success story

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Service delivery and remote solution manager / Konica Minolta Hungary

We reached out to our AIRe Link community to discover how our visual remote support tool is supporting individuals in their roles. We wanted to understand the types of problems AIRe Link helps them overcome and how their customers have responded to receiving remote support. Here’s what Tibor had to say:

Tibor Varga portrait

Please describe your role

I’m Tibor Varga, a Service Delivery and Remote Solution Manager based in Hungary. My team has 17 members – including 4 people who are responsible for the remote solution. 

What customer issues does your team solve? What are your goals and vision?

Our First Level Support team is responsible for specifying and clarifying any customer issues. In the first instance, they try to solve the problem or the user’s request by calling the customer to discuss the problem. In 20% of cases, they can solve a problem or request by phone. For 5-10% of cases, they need to use a remote solution like AIRe Link or other standard Konica Minolta solution. We would like to increase the rate of the remote solution even more. One of our goals is to increase the number of training videos we create so the customer can use them to solve the problem without any support. Another goal is to introduce a solution where the customer can use AIRe Link on a device other than their phone – in order to free up both of their hands.

Can you describe a specific customer issue which was resolved with the help of AIRe Link?

When speaking to a customer by phone, the operator realised the user didn’t have the experience necessary to tackle the problem. The operator initiated an AIRe Link session so he could instruct the user to solve the problem.

What was the outcome? Was the customer happy?

Customers are calmer and more cooperative when using AIRe Link. They are left with the feeling that they have solved a complex problem and pleased with the fast solution. The customer said using AIRe Link was “as easy as an IKEA furniture installation”.

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