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Ozan Basalan’s success story

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Senior technical service specialist / Konica Minolta Turkey

We reached out to our AIRe Link community to discover how our visual remote support tool is supporting individuals in their roles. We wanted to understand the types of problems AIRe Link helps them overcome and how their customers have responded to receiving remote support. Here’s what Ozan had to say:

Ozan Basalan portrait

Please describe your role

I’m a Senior Technical Service Specialist based in Turkey. I work in a team of 14.

What customer issues does your team solve? What are your goals and vision?

We work in the Technical Service department at Konica Minolta Turkey. Our goals are to make the use of AIRe Link more widespread and to show how it saves our employees and customers lots of time.

Can you describe a specific customer issue which was resolved with the help of AIRe Link?

I used AIRe Link to remove an error code which was due to a paper-related problem often encountered in the printers.

How did AIRe Link help to resolve the issue?

AIRe Link helped me solve a minor problem without the need to provide on-site service to the customer.

What features did you use?

The features I use most are the snapshot, marker and pointer tools.

What was the outcome? Was the customer happy?

AIRe Link saves me time so I can provide solutions to more customers. Our customers are always very pleased when they are able to fix minor problems themselves via AIRe Link instead of waiting for us to visit to resolve the problem.

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