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Why cloud-based remote visual support is the superior option for service teams 

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Remote visual support has become an essential tool for field service teams and technicians operating around the world. Desktop-based remote solutions for years have been the default choice for service teams. Now cloud-based technologies are becoming more prevalent in field service offering numerous benefits to teams and their customers. 

Desktop-based vs cloud-based remote visual support

Before we explore the benefits of cloud-based remote visual support: Readers should be aware of the main differences between desktop-based and cloud-based solutions so they can elevate how each will impact their team’s ability to serve customers. 

What does desktop-based mean?

Desktop-based refers to a solution installed on a specific computer which in this case serves the purpose of remote visual support. These solutions often have to be hosted and managed internally, by the business, on a dedicated server or desktop PC. For employees to utilize the solution, they first must connect to the dedicated server or access the desktop pc in person. 

Desktop-based has limitations

Desktop-based solutions often create limitations for employees when it comes to providing remote support services. Employees either need to be present in the office, have the solution installed on their device, or have access to the dedicated server the solution is hosted on. Customers might also be required to install software for connections to be established. This is without mentioning the expenses associated with, and time consumed by self-hosting remote solutions internally. 

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What does cloud-based mean?

In contrast, cloud-based refers to a solution hosted and managed by a third-party provider on their own servers.  The third-party provider takes on-board responsibility for maintaining these servers and ensuring the solution remains operational. Companies rent access to the solution in the form of a subscription which for many is the most cost-effective option. 

With this model service teams can take advantage of the benefits remote solutions offer, without having to invest large amounts to setup and maintain the same level of infrastructure associated with self-hosting.  

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Benefits of AIRe Link’s cloud-based remote visual support tool

Lend expertise from anywhere in the world

Subscribers of cloud-based remote visual support AIRe Link can access the solution from anywhere in the world. With a stable internet connection, technicians can utilize the necessary tools to provide customers and colleagues remote support, from anywhere, even on the go. 

Technicians either create and invite customers to support sessions within the web-based browser or on mobile and tablet devices through the Android app. The level of compatibility cloud-based solutions offer makes it easy for technicians and customers to connect for support regardless of the device they use. AIRe Link is compatible with all RTC device types. 

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Expand into the global market

It’s no surprise customers desire the best quality service. Those unable to find quality local support will turn to the internet in search of the best alternatives on the global market. Service teams through the use of AIRe Link can position themselves to offer services on a global scale, potentially setting up international SLA’s for remote support. 

Fill this void for your team with AIRe Link and connect with the global market. Offer popular services easily carried out remotely by your team, not only to local customers but to the global market. The modern era has made global expansion possible without astronomical costs associated with new locations, staff, fleets etc. 

No download required

One of the major drawbacks to desktop-based solutions is customers and technicians are often required to download software to connect for support. AIRe Link knows how frustrating it can be convincing customers to install software so developed our no-download required remote visual support tool. Technicians simply send customers an invitation link via e-mail or SMS which enables a connection to be established.  

There’s no need for technicians to use high performance PCs either and the annoyance of constant idates is non-existent. AIRe Link works on most devices with the majority of users connecting using their smartphone or tablet device. Simply login to your account and create a support session in seconds. 

Scale operations with ease and cost-effectively

Businesses find cloud-based solutions in general to be more cost-effective as subscriptions are cheaper than self-hosting solutions internally. To scale internal desktop solutions additional hardware upgrades might be required which for many teams is no cheap endeavour. 

In contrast, cloud-based solutions as mentioned above are hosted and maintained by third parties selling subscriptions. Services teams are offered greater flexibility when it comes to scaling operations cost-effectively. All they require is the purchase of additional subscriptions which is typically cheaper than expanding and maintaining new hardware. 

Take advantage of your specialist camera equipment

Service teams and their customers often have specialist camera equipment on-site to serve specific purposes within the business. When it comes to cloud-based solutions like AIRe Link, the ability to utilize specialised camera equipment is possible. UVC-compatible camera devices can be connected to the AIRe Link Bridge app for utilization during remote support sessions. 

Cloud-based solutions overcome desktop limitations

As mentioned above, cloud-based remote visual support offers similar features to its desktop-based counterpart without the associated limitations. These solutions are often the superior option for service teams thanks to being in the cloud. Cloud-based solutions support their distributed workforces and remote workers offering more flexibility, cost-effective features, and convenient connectivity. 

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