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Amplify knowledge sharing within your team with the new Knowledge Base feature 

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Introducing the latest cutting-edge update to AIRe Link’s Professional plan: the Knowledge Base. This premium feature revolutionizes the way your service team shares information, offering a centralized hub for storing, accessing, and updating critical knowledge. With the Knowledge Base, your team can streamline communication, improve response times, and ensure consistency across all customer interactions.  

In addition to the Knowledge Base, our latest release also introduces the Group Session feature, along with an enhanced app interface and simplified session flow. Now, collaborating with colleagues and providing remote visual support is easier and more intuitive than ever before. We’ve optimized the app for mobile use, ensuring seamless performance whether you’re in the office or on the go. Plus, you’ll find a couple of minor changes waiting to be discovered in the Changelog.  

Continue reading to discover what’s possible with Knowledge Base and explore the benefits you can take advantage of. 

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You can now create topic-based documentation within AIRe Link

Through the new Knowledge Base feature, service teams can create documentation within AIRe Link that can be accessed by colleagues under the same subscription for a range of purposes. AIRe Link knows every support team is unique so don’t limit the topic documentation articles you can create. This way support teams can fully take advantage of this new feature in a way that suits them best.  

How to use Knowledge Base feature

  • On the main menu, navigate to “Knowledge Base” 
  • Click the “+” to add a new topic and enter the name 
  • Now you can add content for the topic in the editor on the right side of the screen by clicking on the “+” symbol 
  • The editor offers the most standard features to fill in the desired content with the ability to drag and drop:   
    • H1, H2, and H3 tags to emphasize titles 
    • Bulleted list 
    • Numbered list 
    • Media 
    • Alert 
    • Checklist 
    • Quote 
    • Link 
    • Code 
    • … and much more
  • Then confirm the Topic creation by clicking the “Create” button on the right-upper corner 
  • Your topic is now listed in your Knowledge Base 
How to use remote visual support AIRe Link Knowledge Base

Recommended ways you can take advantage of Knowledge Base

Create default resolution procedures!

AIRe Link recommends using Knowledge Base topics to create default resolution procedures that your team can easily follow when conducting support sessions with customers. Create step-by-step articles highlighting how the most common repairs your team face are undertaken. Next time your technicians are unsure of how to guide a customer through a repair process, they can follow the default resolution procedures within the Knowledge Base. This way your customer is less likely to be transferred between technicians and receive a solution on the first attempt greatly enhancing their service experience. 

This approach not only assists your already experienced technicians, also boost the training of new recruits. Have your trainee technicians study the resolution procedures in place so they become familiar with common issues your customers face. Trainees can feel more confident interacting with real customers as they now have peace of mind knowing, if an unfamiliar issue comes across their desk, they can simply follow the default procedures. Training remote technicians just got easier! 

Track the customer’s repairs history

Another way to use the Knowledge Base is to keep track of customer interactions. AIRe Link recommends creating a topic with the name of your customer. Each time this customer requests support, log what issue was faced, how it was resolved and if the customer was satisfied. Next time this customer calls, your technician can quickly review the Knowledge Base topic to understand common issues they encounter.

With this approach your team can deliver customers more personalized support experiences. Questions can be asked about previous issues to ensure solutions remain in places. Engineers undertaking regular maintenance tasks can also reference this document as a checklist knowing which parts have undergone repairs so can check these first for functionality. Your customers are sure to be more satisfied with the level of support your team delivers when you’re proactively double checking the previous problems. 

Technician reviewing customer with AIRe Link Knowledge Base

You can also keep track of machines and devices

Similar to tracking customers, support teams can track individual machines they service. Like before, create a new topic and name it after a specific machine your team services. When customers request support facing issues with specific machines, note down within the Knowledge Base what the issue was and how it was resolved. Now your team is automatically expanding your collection of default resolution procedures based on the problems they encounter day to day. 

Showcase unique scenarios for future reference

Did you just get off a support call with a customer facing a very specific issue under unique circumstances? Save the support session to your Knowledge Base complete with media created during the session to share with coworkers. Turn it into a resolution procedure. Next time your team encounters this problem, right away they can guide the customer through a resolution, no longer having to waste time thinking up a solution. Save time and effort for all your team members with this approach. 

Create a plan of action

Plans of action can also be created within the Knowledge Base using the topics feature for a range of purposes. For example, should a customer face a unique issue, your team can create a plan outlining how repairs will be handled. All team members can access the plan so everyone is on the same page regardless of what you are planning, repairs, team events, future meetings and more. 

Explore and see what you can use Knowledge Base for

Don’t limit your support team to the examples discussed here. Explore the Knowledge Base feature yourself and unlock new ways to boost efficiency every day. Seize the opportunity now to experience AIRe Link’s full potential with our latest feature releases. Start your free 30-day trial today with no credit card required. Remember, the Knowledge Base is a premium feature, included in the Professional plan. Take advantage of this trial to test all features and make an informed decision about your subscription! 

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