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Unlock enhanced collaboration with the new Group Session feature 

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Introducing Group Session, the latest AIRe Link feature enhancing collaboration within service teams. Technicians can now invite additional people to their sessions as observers. Anyone can be invited as an observer to remote visual support sessions enabling colleagues to support each other in addition to numerous other advantages which we will explore.  

In addition to the Group Session, our latest release also introduces the Knowledge Base feature, along with an enhanced app interface and simplified session flow. Now, collaborating with colleagues and providing remote visual support is easier and more intuitive than ever before. We’ve optimized the app for mobile use, ensuring seamless performance whether you’re in the office or on the go. Plus, you’ll find a couple of minor changes waiting to be discovered in the Changelog.   

Continue reading to discover what’s possible with Group Session and explore the benefits you can take advantage of. 


How does Group Session feature work?

Technicians creating customer support sessions now have the option to select “Invite Observers. Up to five observers can be added to support sessions the same way as clients by inputting their email or phone number to send invitation links. Observers can also be selected from your already saved AIRe Link contacts list.  

Visual showing how to create a remote visual support group session using AIRe Link

During an AIRe Link session, observers are limited to observing the session and interacting through the audio or chat, without access to features like the live pointer, snapshots, and others. Only the designated assistant can directly interact with the customers. However, an assistant can seamlessly switch roles with observers during the session by clicking the transfer icon in the list of session attendants, then the observer simply confirms the transfer. By editing the session in the app, assistants can also invite new observers into the current session. 

Top use cases for Group Session

Resolve customer issues as a team

Two heads are better than one and with AIRe Link, assistants facing complex customer issues can now invite their colleagues as observers to lend their experience. Observers can brainstorm ways to diagnose and resolve the customer’s issue as a team all without interrupting the original call. No longer must support sessions end for technicians to take onboard their colleague’s advice. Now the best possible solution can be delivered on first contact.  

Train junior technicians on the job

There are two main ways service teams can train their junior technicians while working on the job through Group Session. The first technique is to invite junior technicians as observers so they can watch experienced technicians handle real customer issues. The junior technician can observe how your team interacts with customers and how AIRe Link is used to identify and resolve problems. This way new technicians can identify the most common issues and learn operating procedures before interacting with customers. 

The second technique is more hands-on enabling your junior technicians to truly “learn on the job”. When junior technicians are ready to conduct support sessions, have them invite senior technicians as observers. Your junior technicians can experience leading support sessions with the comfort of knowing that should a mistake be made; a senior technician is ready to assist. Afterwards, have senior technicians deliver feedback so juniors know what their strengths are and areas to improve. 

Visualized three technicians assiting a customer through remote visual support Group Session

Transition between experts seamlessly

From time to time assistants unable to resolve customer issues may have to escalate cases to more experienced technicians who can provide the resolution. No longer must the call be ended, and a new one created to escalate cases. With the Group Session feature, this process is now done seamlessly within the same call. The option to add observers during an active support session is present so colleagues can join uninterrupted.  

Simply navigate back to the AIRe Link dashboard then select the current session and invite an observer. Once the observer has joined, select the option to switch roles. Now the observer has become the technician with access to AIRe Link’s tools so can take over and guide the customer through a solution.  

Fast-track warranty assessments

Unsure if a customer’s machine repairs qualify for warranty coverage? Now you can fast-track warranty assessments to get a speedy answer. Simply request the warranty provider to join a support session as an observer while you diagnose the customer’s problem. During diagnoses, the warranty provider will be able to assess if the issue falls under their coverage.  

Not only will you get a speedy answer enabling you to plan the next steps faster. Warranty providers will be happier not having to send someone on-site to carry out the same assessment. With the end result being your customers receiving solutions faster than before.  

Oversee the quality of support delivered to new customers

When it comes to new customers, potential issues can arise as service teams adjust to their unique equipment and requirements. Group Session enable service team managers to guarantee new customers are receiving the quality support expected and outlined in their service agreement. Simply have technicians invite managers as observers when handling support requests for new customers. 

Managers can oversee support sessions to ensure should complaints arise; they know exactly what level of support was delivered and can respond appropriately without delay. Feedback can also be provided to technicians when required to improve standards or acknowledge outstanding work. 

Customer happy with level of remote visual support

Offer your customers the option to be part of support sessions

Not only are your managers able to observe support sessions to ensure quality, but your customers can also. It might even be a good idea when working with a new customer to offer their managers the option to sit in and observe support sessions during the first month. This way they know exactly what level of support is being delivered and what to expect for future repairs. They might even be more inclined to work with your support team for other issues if they are amazed by the support being delivered. 

You can do much more!

Feel free to dive into the Group Session feature beyond these outlined use cases. The examples provided serve as a starting point, offering insight into its functionality without limiting your exploration. No worries, customer and observer identities within the session are anonymized, ensuring privacy and security. We encourage all service teams to experiment with this feature, unlocking its full potential for both team and customer benefit.

Why your service team will love Group Session

Enhanced collaboration leads to greater team productivity

Technicians can take advantage of Group Session not only to resolve customer issues but to also develop collaboration skills within the service team. Collaboration comes in many forms and can be required for a range of tasks not solely limited to remote visual support. By using Group Session, your team becomes better at collaborating on projects. In the future, they are likely to work better as a team on other projects with greater productivity, even on those not related to support. 

Customer issues can be diagnosed remotely with greater accuracy

Let’s set the scenario, a customer calls with an issue and your technician attemptsdiagnostic, they are unable to identify the cause so request an on-site callout. Now, with Group Session, your team can collaborate to identify the problem’s root cause. One observer might notice a faulty wire connection which the other had missed. The team can now move onto the resolution stage without requiring an engineer callout to diagnose the issue in person. 

Customers provided solutions faster with fewer required callouts

Your customers can also look forward to the fact multiple technicians are now able to assist them in finding a solution. As you can invite five observers per session, you can collaborate with colleagues to identify appropriate solutions. Your team can brainstorm potential solutions to resolve the issue remotely rather than escalating to an on-site visit. Your customers are sure to be happier when their issues are resolved faster than before. 

Adapt better to unique scenarios

When customers call with extremely unique scenarios no one on your service team has encountered, create a Group Session. Your team can work together on identifying what the scenario is, and how a solution can be delivered remotely. This can also serve as a great training experience for the technicians involved, when the same scenario occurs in the future, everyone will know how to resolve it as they figured the solution out together as a team. 

Try AIRe Link for free

Haven’t experienced AIRe Link yet? New users can explore our Professional plan free for 30 days with no credit card requirements. Dive into our premium features, including the Group Session, and discover the transformative impact remote visual support can have on your field service team and customer support quality. Remember, the Group Session feature is a premium offering within the Professional Plan, and you can test it during your free trial to experience its full potential! 

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