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Introducing: AIRe Link’s Salesforce connector

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You provide your customers efficient, user-friendly remote visual support services whilst we continue to enhance what’s possible when it comes to AIRe Link. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our AIRe Link Salesforce connector. 

What is the Salesforce AIRe Link connector?

For those who don’t know, Salesforce is a centralised customer relationship platform (CRM). Users of Salesforce can enable the AIRe Link connector to take advantage of remote visual support within their already established CRM platform of choice. 

How to Integrate AIRe Link with Salesforce

Getting started with the connector is simple. Salesforce users can quickly add AIRe Link to their library of products by navigating to our Salesforce application page. Once added, log in to your AIRe Link account to activate features. It’s worth noting AIRe Link accounts can only be created on our website and not within the application. 

Shows how the AIRe Link connector dashboard looks within Salesforce

Benefits to Integrating AIRe Link for Salesforce users

Create sessions directly within Salesforce

Users of both AIRe Link and Salesforce can now create remote visual support sessions from within the CRM platform. The ability to create support sessions without having to open AIRe Link in a separate browser, constantly switching between, is for sure a feature to boost efficiency. 

Utilize your CRM Contacts Database

Your contacts are already stored in Salesforce so why would you waste time migrating them to AIRe Link? Salesforce users can invite contacts from their already established database as a result of creating support sessions through the AIRe Link connector. 

All solutions under one roof

One of the main advantages to Salesforce is keeping all tools and solutions used under one roof. As a result whenever team members need to access solutions, they login into Salesforce instead of each solution separately. It makes sense that already existing Salesforce users can add AIRe Link under their roof. 

Customer information in one place

Salesforce not only keeps your solutions under one roof, but it also keeps customer records in one centralised place. And now with our new connector, AIRe Link support sessions are stored in Salesforce. Which for technicians is a major bonus, not having to switch between platforms to assess customer issues whilst on the phone. 

In conclusion

By bringing both platforms together, the AIRe Link Salesforce connector enables users to create remote visual support sessions from within Salesforce using their existing customer database. As a result, teams can streamline workflows, and increase efficiency, whilst keeping all their tools under one roof. 

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