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AIRe Link Zapier integration for remote visual support

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is a logic-based flow platform designed to allow businesses to create automated logic flows incorporating multiple systems and tools. IF-THIS-THEN-THAT logic flows can be created by businesses to automate processes to boost efficiency even if they span multiple systems. Should an event trigger within one of your systems. Zapier will follow the logic flow set up and execute the next steps on the same or a different system. Zapier makes it easy to build workflows and integrations without the need to invest in expensive custom integration development. 

What is AIRe Link Zapier integration?

The AIRe Link, Zapier integration brings remote support teams a world of automation and compatibility with other systems. Those currently using Zapier can now implement AIRe Link as part of their logic flow processes.  

To integrate Zapier into AIRe Link simply Login-in to Zapier, locate our connector and integrate. Finally, a way to automate business processes over multiple systems to guarantee customers a high quality of service. 

How can I use Zapier for remote visual support?

AIRe Link Zapier integration makes it possible to create workflow processes for remote support scenarios. Outlined are a few examples in which remote support teams can implement Zapier with AIRe Link usage. Learn more about how Zapier works so you can brainstorm ways your team can best utilize it.

Better customer issue tracking

The AIRe Link Zapier integration can be used to set up customer issue-tracking processes from start to finish with automated steps in between. Zapier automatically keeps information updated across all systems, so team members are aligned on the case’s status. 

For example, when a customer calls the helpdesk with an issue. The phone operator creates within their helpdesk solution a new issue by inputting what the customer describes. A helpdesk Zapier integration can be set up to detect new issues and automatically create within your to-do tool a task with data gathered by the phone operator. Zapier can then be used to automatically set up AIRe Link remote visual support sessions as the next step with session IDs updated on the case file automatically. When technicians and customers connect, the system can also update to indicate the session is in progress.  

Technicians undertaking support sessions can take notes within their reporting tool. Which once inputted. The Zapier integration can detect and update on other systems. This way notes made are accessible to all team members working on the case. 

Automatically escalate cases to on-site visits fast

Zapier processes can also be set up for escalating cases to an on-site visit automatically without manual intervention after a technician has attempted a remote fix. Add to your Zapier logic flow an element that escalates cases marked unresolved to the engineer teams to do list. Engineers can keep an eye on their to-do list knowing which customers require an on-site visit. They can also find out what problems are present and more due to prior communication from other teams.  

After support care

Workflow procedures can also implement an automated after-support system to ensure customer issues are resolved and they are satisfied. Once a case within your to-do tool has been marked resolved, a Zapier integration can detect this and send out a customer email either requesting feedback right away or delayed asking if the customer issue has been resolved and if operations are working as normal. This way field services teams can automatically maintain good customer relationships and customers are happy knowing your business is there to help should things go wrong again.

To summarize

To summarise, the Zapier platform enables users to set up logic flows where data from one system or tool is automatically transferable between other systems in place. With the AIRe Link Zapier integration field service teams can implement remote visual support logic flows to automate parts of the support process. As Zapier makes data sharing easy between systems your team members don’t have to worry about missing valuable data inputted by a different department using a different system. Zapier takes care of it.

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