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Why AIRe Link is the perfect partner for technicians: Not a replacement

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In recent years remote technologies have seen rapid advancements mainly due to the covid-19 pandemic. Understandably many technicians are concerned about the future impact on their profession. According to a Harvard business review study, 73% of field service operations now have capabilities to deliver remote services with 60% saying they implemented because of the pandemic. 

The common fear for workers across several industries is being replaced by automation. The fact is remote solutions like AIRe Link are designed to support technicians, not replace them. Our partner Makhymo was recently able to resolve 85% of all case remotely thanks to their technicians leveraging AIRe Link. Not replacing them. 

AIRe Link makes the lives of technicians easier

AIRe Link provides advanced features that enable technicians to remotely resolve customer issues, reducing the need for in-person visits. Technicians in real-time guide customers through resolving issues with the ability to see what they see. Clearer directions can be provided as a result, so the chance mistakes are made due to miscommunication is reduced. 

In this way, AIRe Link enables technicians to work smarter, not harder. Simple issues that can be resolved remotely by technicians are. Freeing up time so complex issues that require an in-person visit can be resolved faster than before. 

Support agents, technicians and engineers collaborate more effectively

AIRe Link doesn’t just make the technician’s job easier, it makes the lives for everyone on the team more effective. Customer cases can be streamlined from first contact with the support desk all the way to engineer callout if required. Before progressing to the next resolution stage, team members should review previous interactions, recorded and saved by AIRe Link. No longer will customers need to repeat themselves each time they are transferred to someone else in your team. Learn more.  

Technicians can provide support anywhere in the world

Thanks to the fact AIRe Link is a cloud-based remote solution, technicians can connect from anywhere in the world. All they require is a compatible device (laptop, smartphone or tablet) and an internet connection. Technicians on the go are now able to support customers and colleagues in more detail compared to rushed phone calls. 

Technicians’ valuable experience cannot be replaced

The valuable experience technicians offer service teams cannot easily be replicated by automated systems. They’ve worked in the field for years and know the ins and outs of how machines operate and most importantly, how to maintain them. In fact, 56% of companies still see field service workers as on-site experts primarily with 27% reporting “brand ambassador” is a new suitable title for their role. – Harvard Business Review. 

So why would you want to replace their invaluable experience? Instead, remote technologies like AIRe Link provide technicians with the tools to assist them in their work, allowing their experience to be leveraged in new ways to provide even better customer service. 

A valuable technician working in the field using a tablet device.

AIRe Link enhances knowledge sharing

AIRe Link enhances the way in which service teams share knowledge and experience with each other. Senior team members can create knowledge base articles highlighting step-by-step how to carry out specific tasks. Employees unfamiliar with certain fixes can refer to these articles while interacting with customers to provide a solution. Service teams can even train new employees on the job through carefully created articles without impacting the quality of service delivered to customers 

Technology cannot replace the human element

Looking to the future it’s clear remote technologies like AIRe Link will continue to evolve playing an increasingly important role within service teams. However, it’s important to recognize technology cannot replace the human element. The expertise and experience skilled technicians have, are essential to providing effective solutions, especially for situations that require expert judgement and problem-solving abilities.

Ultimately, the human element is an essential service team component. Continual support with remote technologies like AIRe Link should be considered rather than replacing them. 

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Want to see if AIRe Link is the right remote solution for your service team? Try the remote support solution free all without credit card requirements. Test the features available with a 30-day Pro trial included when you sign up. Have any questions? Consult with one of our experts who can guide you through using AIRe Link and answer any questions you may have. 

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