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Drive inclusion: How remote visual support empowers technicians with disabilities  

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Remote visual support solutions such as AIRe Link have forever changed the ways service teams provide customers with assistance. While this technology has proven itself to be efficient and cost-effective many underestimate the benefit to technicians with disabilities. To celebrate inclusivity this disability pride month, we will look at the challenges technicians with disabilities face and explore how AIRe Link can support and empower them in their work. 

Technician with disability delivering remote support

Why should you care about workplace inclusivity?

Field technicians come from all walks of life, each with unique challenges and strengths. An inclusive workplace environment is not only morally right to promote diversity. It is also beneficial for businesses enabling them to harness the full potential of every employee. 

Disabled technicians bring their skills and perspectives while often faced with unique challenges that in some situations can limit their professional growth. Field service teams with inclusive workplaces are able to tap into their full potential, ensuring regardless of abilities, support is provided so they excel in their position. 

Technicians with disabilities can encounter challenges

Challenges come in all shapes depending on the limitation’s individual employees face. Each employee will have unique circumstances that should be taken into consideration for inclusivity. Some customer locations might lack step-free access creating mobility concerns while tasks involving the use of tools in tight spaces introduce safety risks that require evaluation. It’s important to focus on adapting to overcome challenges technicians with disabilities face so their skills can be utilized effectively and safely. 

Technician with disability working onsite

How technicians with disabilities are empowered through remote visual support AIRe Link

Flexible solutions can be delivered remotely

AIRe Link offers flexible ways in which solutions can be delivered remotely so technicians do not have to go on-site for every issue. It is recommended to request customers first connect via AIRe Link so issues can be diagnosed and potentially resolved remotely. Technicians with disabilities are empowered to play an active part in diagnosing customer issues and even delivering solutions remotely via AIRe Link without the need for an on-site visit greatly reducing customer wait times. 

Diagnoses is invaluable for on-site visits

Technicians with disabilities are empowered through AIRe Link’s recording ability to provide colleagues clear invaluable information of the diagnostics stage for an on-site visit. During diagnoses, ask the customer if you can record the session. Guide the customer through showing in detail the issues present. These recordings when shared with the attending on-site technician are invaluable, allowing them to arrive with a clear resolution in without additional communication with the customer required. 

Empowered to go on-site when possible

The recommended remote diagnoses first approach can be adapted for inclusivity. Once customer issues are diagnosed, if an in-person visit is required, technicians with disabilities can request customers show their location briefly. A quick assessment can be carried out to see how accessible the location is for their needs. If the location is deemed suitable, they can attend and carry out the fix in person themselves. 

Collaboration with less experienced colleagues in the field

An active role can still be played in carrying out repairs even when accessibility issues present themselves. Through AIRe Link technicians with disabilities can provide support in the form of guiding their colleagues through undertaking repairs just as if they were there in person. Skilled technicians can train less experienced colleagues on the job through AIRe Link ensuring mistakes are not made and repairs carried out as expected, being able to see what they do each step of the way. 

Unlock the full potential of your team

 The main goal using AIRe Link should be reducing the total number of callouts and resolving issues remotely where possible. It’s important service teams embrace the benefits offered to technicians with disabilities and strive to find new ways in which their skill sets can be utilized to play an active part in resolving customer problems. Try AIRe Link professional free for 30-days to test the solution yourself. 

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