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AIRe Link price update: What you need to know

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Since we first launched AIRe Link in 2020, we’ve remained focused on our goal to provide field service teams with the best possible remote visual support solution. As the world and our solution have evolved, our core values remain unchanged.  

However, like any other business, we understand change is sometimes necessary. We don’t make these decisions lightly and want to ensure you understand the reasoning our price changes. 


The new cost of AIRe Link

So that we can continue to provide you and your team with new exciting features that enhances the way you deliver remote visual support, our pricing model will change. Here’s how that update will look. 

      • Our monthly plan will go from 40 euro to 50 euro per month. 

      • Our yearly option priced at 360 euro will increase to 490 euro each year

    When does the change happen? 

    Our pricing model will change as of April 1st, 2023. It’s important to note the following: 

        • Monthly and yearly subscriptions renewing before April 1st, 2023, will be charged at the current pricing rate. 

        • Subscriptions renewing after April 1st, 2023, will be billed at the new rate automatically. 

      Guarantee today’s price for one more year

      Are you currently using the free or monthly version of AIRe Link? Now’s the time to lock in the current price for an entire year. Sign up for our yearly option before the price update comes into effect, April 1st, 2023, to guarantee todays price for one more year. 

      The reason behind these changes 

      We have exciting projects in the pipeline that we’re confident our customers will see great value in. We are grateful for the trust customers have placed in us thus far and we’re committed to providing the best possible solution on the market. 

      You’ve experienced platform updates over the years

      Enriching the AIRe Link platform has always been a top priority and we’re proud to say our customers have witnessed its evolution over the years. With every update we strive to provide additional value that enables you to offer top-notch support services to your own customers.  

      From new features and integrations to the launch of our two Google Play apps, we’ve been working hard to make AIRe Link the most user-friendly and efficient solution for technicians and teams alike, and we’re committed to continuing this trend. 

      We want to keep making AIRe Link better

      Our goal is to make AIRe Link a remote visual support solution constantly evolving to meet modern times. We strive to raise the bar of what’s possible with remote visual support and understand your desire for new features that improve the experience for both your customers and technicians.

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