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Step-by-step: How to get started with augmented reality remote visual support tools 

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Learning how to get your support team started with AR (augmented reality) remote support tools can be challenging with many not knowing where to start. That’s why we’ve put together an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide introducing beginners to the transformative technology of AR. Read on to discover our practical steps for implementation, essential and best practices you can leverage to fully maximize the benefits your team and customers experience from AR remote visual support. 

1) Consider if AR is the key to your team’s success

Before getting your team started with augmented reality solutions it’s a good idea to consider if it’s the right decision for your team. Are you looking to start resolving customer issues remotely while at the same time reducing operating costs? Then augmented reality remote visual support tools are ideal empowering your team to achieve faster delivery times, reduced operating costs, increased knowledge sharing and more. 

2) Select the best remote visual support tools

It’s important to spend time researching the best AR remote visual support tool before selecting a solution to fully implement within your team. Don’t forget, the right solution will revolutionize the way your team delivers support while customers experience faster service times. It’s vital you compare free and pro solutions to find one that best works for your team. 

One of the best AR tools according to G2 a leading software marketplace, AIRe Link, simplifies usage for both support teams and customers. AIRe Link is based in the cloud enabling your customers to join support sessions without any download or installation requirements. They simply connect to support sessions from their device’s web-browser. Most importantly, the best AR tools have low knowledge entry levels enabling anyone on your team to start utilizing augmented reality right away without the need for intensive training.  

3) Train your engineers to also serve as remote resolution experts

Service teams don’t need a dedicated remote support desk to take advantage of augmented reality. Your existing engineers can be trained to also serve as remote resolution experts carrying out both roles. It’s a good idea because your engineers are familiar with common problems customers face so can transition to a remote approach more easily. The best AR remote tool is one that supports your existing team in delivering high quality remote services, not one that looks to replace them. 

Support teams looking for further assistance getting started with augmented reality remote visual support can get in touch withAIRe Link to discover training possibilities direct from the experts. Our experts can train your engineers on how to best use augmented reality so right away your customers can experience high quality solutions remotely. 

Engineer also serving as remote resolution expert

4) Invite your first customers to a remote support session

Now you’ve selected the best remote visual support tool for your team it’s time to create your first support session. AIRe Link recommends service teams test their new AR solution with co-workers before resolving real customer issues. Setup repair scenarios and have your team members switch roles, one acting as the customer the other supporting. This way your team can get used to augmented reality and be ready to resolve real customer issues smoothly. 

It’s a good idea to get your customers interested in the idea of using AR for support purposes before introducing it. Tell them how you will be able to connect right away with them when they face issues and can resolve their problems faster without the need to await the engineer’s arrival for every problem. 

5) Create default resolution processes

AIRe Link recommends support teams create default resolution processes covering a wide range of issues your team faces. Produce step-by-step instructions your technicians can follow on how to resolve specific customer problems. This approach enables inexperienced technicians to resolve unfamiliar customer issues through AR without the need to transfer customers to more experienced colleagues. 

As your team encounters and resolves more issues through AR, your default resolution collection can be expanded. Encourage your support staff to outline how they resolved unique customer issues so next time a colleague encounters the same problem; a guide can be followed leading to much faster resolution times. Now your team is way less likely to send engineers on-site, they resolve more issues remotely! 

6) Combine the power of remote diagnoses and on-site resolution

AIRe Link recommends support teams attempt the remote diagnoses first approach to get an over-view of customer issues prior to booking an on-site visit. The main benefit, preventing on-site visits by resolving customer issues remotely. Another crucial advantage is being able being able to identify their issue before sending someone on-site. Spare parts required for a successful repair can be ordered right away and the correct tools stocked in the van. An engineer with the correct experience can then be dispatched and arrives on-site with a solution in mind. 

Augmented reality remote visual support can also be used internally to assist less experienced engineers working on-site. When faced with an unfamiliar issue your engineer can request support from their colleagues. Through AIRe Link their more experienced colleague can guide them through the resolution process. Start reducing the risk of multiple trips, combine the power of remote diagnoses and on-site resolution with AR and start introducing more cost-effective, greener business practices. 

7) Promote the fact you use AR remote visual support

Let your customers know about the new and exciting technology your support team is using. Share with them the benefits they can expect to see such as the fact your team can now start resolving their issues remotely right away without the need to wait for engineers to arrive on-site. Discover more reasons why you should be promoting the fact you use AR remote visual support and what it means for the future of your support team. 

Try augmented reality remote visual support for free

Want to experience the benefits of augmented reality remote visual support for yourself? Discover AIRe Link’s free 30-day pro trial with no credit card requirements. Test out the features on offer and see for yourself the power of AR. Afterwards you can continue with pro or downgrade to the free for life version to continue delivering quality remote support without the cost. 

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