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Seven trends service teams should follow in 2024! 

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The support environment is constantly changing and evolving as new technologies and trends emerge. Service team leaders know how important it is to adjust and adapt their strategies to deliver the best quality support. That’s why we’ve put together seven trends we believe all service teams should be aware of as we begin 2024 to help you develop your winning strategy. 

1) Remote and Hybrid work models are becoming more common

Service team leaders looking to introduce remote, or hybrid work models should consider remote visual support. Solutions like AIRe Link make it possible for your support specialists to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. If you desire support specialists can easily work from home using AIRe Link to assist customers delivering remote solutions in real-time. 

Remote work increased in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic as businesses sought ways to social distance and avoid unnecessary risk. Remote and hybrid work models continue to become increasingly popular as employees seek alternative work lifestyles. In fact, 2019 saw 5.5% of employed people within the EU working from home. By 2020 this figure surged to 12.3%. Statista reported in 2022 10.2% of employed people in the EU usually worked from home suggesting the trend will continue. 

2) Environmentally sustainable practices are on the rise

Service team leaders know all too well an in-person callout requires the transportation of tools, spare parts, engineers and more, all contributing emissions to the environment. In recent years the topic of environmental sustainability has been trending with many businesses seeking out sustainable practices to reduce their impact on the environment. Juniorní EU is even introducing policies in line with their goal to become carbon neutral by 2055. And it’s working, 88% of publicly traded companies have ESG initiatives in place according to a Navex study. 

Service team leaders can leverage remote visual support solutions like AIRe Link to incorporate sustainable business practices. More issues can be resolved remotely reducing the need for in-person visits saving emissions. In fact, AIRe Link users for the year 2022 prevented an estimated 12 tones of C02 emissions by resolving customer problems remotely. Learn more about how field service teams can begin incorporating environmentally sustainable practices with AIRe Link. 

3) Customer expectations are changing

Customers no longer have the same expectations as they did 10 years ago. That goes without saying regardless of the sector your business operates. Online consumers now live in a world of next-day delivery with reviews, ratings, and support systems to address any concerns. They no longer settle for long delivery times and low-quality support services. 

The same should apply to field service teams as customers seek out on-demand services enabling them to receive repairs on their schedule. Solutions like remote visual support AIRe Link provide service teams the option to connect right away with customers to offer on-demand repairs pohodlně na dálku. Customers no longer want to wait for engineers, they want their equipment fixed on demand. 

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4) Omnichannel support is more popular

Omnichannel support is becoming more popular as a trend which service teams can take advantage of to retain customers at a higher rate. Research from Softtek shows companies that use omnichannel strategies retain on average 89% of their customers while companies that don’t retain 33%. Omnichannel support models synchronize all customer contact points. Customers should be able to pick up where they left off when they get in touch regardless of the contact point used. 

AIRe Link integrates itself into omnichannel support systems easily so service teams can connect with customer visually regardless of how they got in touch. Support specialists simply share AIRe Link session invitations while still in contact with customers through their original support channel.  You can even start AIRe Link sessions muted so you can continue phone communication without duplicate audio issues or fully transition to communicate audibly and visually through AIRe Link. 

5) Businesses are counteracting a workforce that’s aging

Between 2000 – 2020 the number of employees aged over 60 has doubled among both men and women. It’s no surprise many older employees hold senior positions with a lot of experience. But what happens to this experience when they retire? Companies are having to tackle this issue as their work forces grow older and many prepare for retirement. 

6) Customers are mindful of data and security

In the internet’s early days, many users weren’t as aware of their data and online security as they are today. Nowadays it’s hard to find someone who isn’t mindful to some degree about their data and security when online or interacting with businesses. Companies must be trusted by customers to handle and protect their data providing security. According to a 2020 McKinsey survey, 71% of customers said they would leave a company if their data was shared without permission.  

Service teams must be aware of GDPR regulations when handling sensitive customer data. The loss of trust, risk of fraud and potential fines due to accidental exposure can have devastating consequences for both businesses involved. It’s best to use GDPR services and solutions when interacting with customers and their data to reduce the risk. 

7) Job satisfaction amongst employees is increasing

High job satisfaction amongst employees is a crucial element to any successful service team. Genuinely happy to help employees deliver higher quality support services that retain customers. You might be surprised to find out job satisfaction is currently increasing. A yearly poll from The Conference Board reported in 2022, 62% of people were satisfied with their jobs when in 2010 that figure was 42.6%.  

Service team leaders can take advantage of AIRe Link to increase job satisfaction rates amongst their support specialists and engineers. Support specialists will find AIRe Link equips them the tools to clearly communicate audibly and visually with customers to resolve their issues faster than before. AIRe Link can even be used to remotely diagnoses customer issues prior to an on-site visit. Your engineers are sure to be more satisfied with repairs knowing what the issue is before attending, so they arrive on-site with a plan in mind. 

Why stay up to date with industry trends?

Service teams that stay up to date with industry trends have positioned themselves to be constantly changing so their customers always receive the highest level of support. These teams not only navigate current challenges effectively, they also stay ahead of their competition playing a proactive role in shaping the future of field service. Stay ahead by leveraging online resources such as blog articles, webinars, news journals, and more to keep your team informed of the latest trends. 

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