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How AR remote visual support leads to better knowledge sharing in field service

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Let’s set the scene. Your best technical specialist, let’s call him John, is on a well-deserved vacation with his family relaxing by the poolside. When unexpectedly, John receives a call from one of his service colleagues. It’s an urgent issue that only he has the expertise to solve, every technical specialist’s nightmare! 

Whilst AR remote visual support permits John to assist his colleagues from the poolside rather than leaving his holiday for the office. More can be done in terms of knowledge sharing to ensure John is by no means disturbed while on vacation. How can this be possible? This article will outline different ways augmented reality-based visual support can be used for better knowledge sharing which as a result can lead to more relaxed vacations for field service teams.

Better knowledge sharing with AR remote visual support

Technical documentation media library

John uses an AR remote visual support system, as a result he was able to create share with his team. Videos, annotated Images, and audio files within their shared media library before his holiday. John knows what issues his team will be struggling with while he is on holiday. So, he creates documentation showing them how to resolve these specific issues 

Now when one of his colleagues runs into the previously mentioned problems. They can check the media library base for one of his annotated pictures, videos, or audio files. Book a Demo with AIRe Link to find out more. 

John can create annotated pictures a record video or audio files to outline how certain tasks are to be done. Other technicians following John’s expertise can guide engineers and customers through complex tasks without needing to understand beforehand. Best of all John is left to enjoy his holiday knowing his team has everything under control! 

Save media from sessions for future use

AR remote visual support tools such as AIRe Link allow technical specialists at the end of each customer session. To save media created from which, that one drawing you want to save for later. Can be saved then added to the knowledge base for better sharing accessible by all team members. 

The best AR remote visual support tools let John save any annotated pictures or resources created during customer sessions for future training. All files can be saved to the media library from where John can share them with his colleagues.

Export collected data as CSV or excel file

Service teams can rely on AR remote visual support AIRe Link, to collect valuable data from all sessions technical teams conduct. Information such as time taken per session, percentage of resolved issues, who the best technician is, and more, is collected a stored, ready to be studied later. Not only can this valuable data be accessed from within AIRe Link. The option also to export data as a CSV, XLS or JSON file to use in Excel and similar reporting applications already used within the organisation is available. Now that’s knowledge sharing! 

Train new staff faster

Whilst working from the office, John can train staff remotely through AR remote visual support instead of fixing problems himself on-site. Engineers unfamiliar with certain tasks can follow John’s advice on how to identify and fix issues. At the same time, he sits back in the comfort of his own office thanks to AIRe Link. What’s even better, because engineers are carrying out the work themselves under John’s direction. They are more likely to learn at a faster rate. Learning by doing is one of the most efficient ways of learning. 

Teams also have the option to train themselves using John’s resources when he is not in the office. Further enhancing knowledge-sharing capabilities. Learning resources can be used to train staff without the need for mentors. You could even create training courses for your staff on specific machinery. 

Sharing doesn’t have to be internal

A common misconception most have when sharing knowledge in the service industry is information will only be shared within your business. The best AR remote visual support tools break those expectations and provide the ability for users to connect with one another, ask questions, exchange ideas, and learn about augmented reality remote visual support regardless of what company they work via AIRe Link Forum.

Worse comes to worst

In the event none of the technical documentation left behind by John can resolve issues, colleagues can always contact him via remote support tools to resolve their problems fast. No longer are we living in the days when technical staff had to abandon their vacations to fix crucial business machinery. Help can be accessed from John’s beach chair! Discover what else AIRe Link has to offer.

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