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How to deliver remote training with AIRe Link

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In the current digital era, field service teams are already leveraging remote visual support tools such as AIRe Link to deliver remote support services to customers. So why not leverage the same technology to deliver remote training sessions? This blog will discuss how remote training can be delivered by AIRe Link’s remote visual support tool. At the same time exploring the features field service teams can benefit from the most.

3 ways to deliver remote training with AIRe Link

1) Prepare scenario situations

One way to deliver remote training through AIRe Link is to prepare in advance scenarios your field service team faces. Guide trainees on how to resolve these scenario situations to add a depth of realism during the training process. Especially as training is conducted through the same platform trainees will eventually use in their work. 

2) Create presentation slides

A good way to get the most out of remote training sessions is to create accompanying presentation slides that can be shown due to AIRe Links screen share capabilities. As you visually conduct training, smoothly transition to your presentation slide a explain in more detail the operation carried out. Studies show some people learn better when presented with images while others through lengthy text explanations. Combing the two with AIRe Link is one way to merge both learning styles during training sessions. 

3) Have trainees guide you through a fix

AIRe Link remote visual support is perfect for training via scenario support sessions in which a fake problem can be created, another team member can pose as a customer requesting support. This is a good way to see how confident employees are at handling different customer cases before letting them resolve real problems. 

How else can field service teams leverage AIRe Link for remote training benefits?

AIRe Link features make training easier

AIRe Link’s library of features designed for vzdálenou vizuální podporu can also be utilized during remote training sessions. Features such as real-time drawing a live pointer enable trainers to visually highlight elements being discussed. This way you know the attention of trainees if focused on the area being discussed.  

Other elements such as screen sharing can be used as mentioned above to present slides or show other resources. The built-in live chat can also be utilized for note-taking and communication with trainees. Discover more features AIRe Link provides. 

Share knowledge base examples

AIRe Link automatically stores all media produced during remote visual podpora sessions within the media library. As a result of your AIRe Link usage. You’ll amasscollection of real-world example images of common issues they face. This collection can serve as the perfect training resource knowledge base for employees to familiarize themselves with common problems they are likely to encounter. Learn more about how AIRe Link can lead to better knowledge sharing with field service teams. 

End of session pdf summary

At the end of all AIRe Link sessions, a pdf summary file can be generated containing session information such as general connectivity information, the chat log, media created and annotations. This feature normally serves for support purposes, however, can enable a summary of remote training sessions to be created, which you can adjust to serve as reference notes. 

Support technicians during their first shifts

Once training has concluded, employees are ready for their first shift. A good idea would be to have experienced technicians work nearby during the first couple of months. Should new employees struggle to resolve customer issues they can request support from experienced co-workers. This way the service your customers receive is not impacted by their lack of experience whilst employees learn on the job. 

Overshadow experienced employees

Before new recruits undertake their first shifts it is suggested they overshadow an experienced employee for a week. During this week new recruits will learn from experienced employees how they work, how issues are resolved and how to communicate with customers. As a result, new employees will have a better idea as to how to implement their training for their first shifts. 

Want to learn more?

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