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AIRe Link doubles as a remote visual inspection tool. Learn how

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Businesses such as manufacturing companies, rely heavily on the functionality of their machinery to keep production lines moving. It makes sense such essential business infrastructure is inspected often to ensure operations can continue running as normal. Let’s discover the benefits to using a remote visual inspection tool such as AIRe Link for equipment and machine inspections. 

Why use AIRe Link as a remote visual inspection tool? 

Decrease the risk of machine breakdown

As mentioned above, many businesses such as manufacturing companies rely heavily on the performance of their machinery. Breakdowns can halt production lines and result in high losses associated with repairs costs and a loss of production. Through the use of AIRe Link, regular remote visual inspections can be carried out to identify faults early before issues present themselves, decreasing the risk machine breakdowns will unexpectedly occur. 

Increase workplace safety

In addition to extending machine life spans, regular remote inspections allow the opportunity for potential safety defects to be identified before an injury is caused. In the unfortunate event injury occurs, previous inspection footage saved in AIRe Link can be reviewed. Safety issues present leading up to the injury can be narrowed down to identify the root cause. 

Record proof of machine functionality

Due to the fact AIRe Link records and saves all sessions conducted. Should issues arise later on, machine functionality at the time of inspection can be proved. Unexpected breakdowns can occur for a number of reasons, recordings can serve as reviewable resources to identify when issues started, so the root cause can be pinpointed and a solution provided fast. 

Additional training should be provided if the root cause of machine breakdown invisible within the last inspection footage and employees did not escalate the issue for resolution. 

Inspections can be carried out anywhere in the world

With AIRe Link machine inspections no longer have to be carried out on-site. They can be conducted anywhere in the world remotely. Simply have inspectors connect to an onsite employee through AIRe Link’s remote visual inspection tool. Best of all, as two people with their combined experience are inspecting the machines. One onsite, the other remotely, issues have a higher chance of being detected and resolved during the inspection. 

Product quality consistency

Over time without proper maintenance machines can develop minor faults that affect the quality of products produced. Through regular machine inspections product quality and consistency can be guaranteed by ensuring machines are operating as normal. Inspectors could even review footage from previous inspections whilst comparing production batches to ensure the consistency of quality remains high.  

You can even carry out remote audits with AIRe Link

Remote audits of stock levels, spare parts, and more can be performed more efficiently remotely through AIRe Link. One auditor can open a remote visual inspection session whilst at their desk and connect with co-workers at storage locations. Whilst the onsite auditor checks stock levels. The remote agent can input into the system quantities whilst at the same time verifying the count is correct. 

Best of all as two employees are counting stock levels it’s less likely errors will occur with wrong quantities entered into your systems. Learn more about how AIRe Link can be used for remote inspections and audits not just remote support

Recorded proof of stock levels

On occasions issues with stock levels can arise due to a number of reasons such as missing stock. Due to the fact AIRe Link records all sessions conducted; remote audits can be reviewed to see if a miscount occurred. Based on the remote audit footage, systems can be updated with the correct count or other avenues investigated to locate the missing stock. Discover what else makes remote visual support AIRe Link so appealing to manufacturing companies. 

Give AIRe Link a try

Try AIRe Link free for 30-days without credit card requirements. Test out the features and see how best our solution fits your business requirements. Need additional assistance? Book a meeting with one of our experts. They will guide you through features of the platform and answer any questions you may have. 

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