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AIRe Link awarded prestigious G2 High Performer badge! 

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AIRe Link was recognized by G2 as a high performing AR collaboration tool for winter 2024. Thanks to you, our amazing users who shared honest reviews on G2.

Your feedback has consistently upheld our positive ratings leading to us being recognized for this prestigious award. Join us in celebrating AIRe Link’s newest badge of honour. 

AIRe Link is a leader in AR Collaboration Tools on G2

G2 Listed the best AR collaboration tools on the market! recently listed the best AR collaboration tools on the market evaluating them on the same criteria. G2 is a user-centric platform designed for discovering and comparing solutions on the market. Users can share their experiences and insights by submitting reviews which affects the solutions total G2 score. This way users can compare different solutions to make more informed decisions when selecting one for their specific requirements.  

As a trusted review and comparison platform, G2 recognizes and awards various badges each highlighting different aspects of excellence. AIRe Link was featured on G2’s grid of the best AR collaboration tools and was even recognized as a high performer. 

AIRe Link ranked as high performer on the G2 grid!

Out of all AR collaboration tools featured on G2’s grid, AIRe Link ranked as a high performer on the market securing the prestigious G2 High Performer Winter 2024 badge.

Juniorní badge is for solutions that consistently receive positive reviews and high satisfaction scores from users on the G2 platform. We achieved this award for delivering the best quality AR solution that has kept our customers satisfied for a long period of time.  

G2 AR Collaboration Tools Grid

AIRe Link accepts this badge with honor and in doing so affirms our dedication to delivering you the best AR remote visual support solution on the market. We proactively listen to our customers and review feedback to identify areas of improvement. The high performer badge is a testament to our constant commitment which we are proud to see is reflected in customer reviews. 

The best G2 satisfaction score on the market for AIRe Link!

AIRe Link remote visual support G2 satisfaction score

In addition to being recognized as a high performer, AIRe Link also scored above average in all areas linked to satisfaction. We scored above average because you, our amazing users told us how you feel about AIRe Link, what we did right, how your experience was and how we can improve the solution. We thank all our amazing users and look forward to reading more of your reviews to see what you love about AIRe Link and where we can improve AR support. 

What users love about AIRe Link

A very useful visual remote tool that has helped us resolve many technical problems without the presence of a technician. It has a friendly interface, really easy to use and most of our customers are very excited that they participate in solving technical issues! From my perspective as a technician, what else to say rather than it’s like “being there” without actually 

This tool is revolutionary for remote troubleshooting. I like AIRe Link because it always meets my expectations. It gives fast supportThe User Interface of webapp is outstanding.” 

Envisioning the road ahead

Juniorní team at AIRe Link remains dedicated as always to developing the best AR remote support tool for your team to enjoy. And this recognition proves our consistency. Explore what sets AIRe Link apart from the competition and has earned three total awards so far: 2023-2024 Pacesetter Buyers Lab, 2022 Pick Award Buyers Lab & now G2 High Performer Winter 2024. 

Looking at the road ahead we aspire to become market leaders, providing the best solution out there that can be used by any team regardless of the industry you operate. Join us on this adventure and see what more your team can achieve remotely.

Buyer's lay pick award for outstanding remote support awarded to AIRe Link
Buyers Lab Pacesetter Remote Service Badge awarded to AIRe Link
G2 High performer winter 2024 badge awarded to AIRe Link

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