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10 Best practices field service teams can follow

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Field service teams are the backbone businesses rely on for the servicing of machinery and equipment vital to daily operations. AIRe Link understands the best practices required for field service teams can change heavily depending on the niche industry they serve. That’s why we put together 10 of the best practices field service teams can implement. No matter the industry they operate or the machines they service. 

1) Tackle issues remotely 

Field service teams following the best practice of tackling customer issues remotely will notice a number of benefits associated. The main benefit for your customers is reduced resolution waiting times as a remote fix can be provided much faster than it takes for an engineer to arrive onsite. Whilst service teams notice cost savings associated with fewer engineer callouts. 

Invest in remote visual support

Field service teams aiming to tackle customer issues remotely require the best tools to support their technicians. New advancements in technology mean remote visual support services like AIRe Link are an attractive option. Extending the customer phone call past just audio to enable your team to clearly see issues just as if they were there in person. Learn how remote visual support AIRe Link enables field service teams to provide remote support from real-world examples. 

2) Try the remote diagnosis first approach 

Start with a remote diagnosis first approach to allow field service teams to resolve issues without visiting the customer site. Technicians can diagnose issues by asking for detailed explanations or by utilizing visual elements found within AIRe Link for additional accuracy. This approach ensures prompt action can be taken, and spare parts ordered in advance to prevent delays before onsite engineers arrive. Zjistěte více

3) Keep track of inventory with regular inspections

It’s best practice for field service teams to keep track of their inventory with regular inspections to ensure operations run smoothly. Nothing is worse than finding out the technician does not have an essential tool or spare part once they’ve arrived at a customer location, so checking prior is always best. Learn more about how remote inspections are possible with AIRe Link.  

4) Invest in building customer relationships

Field service teams should invest in building and maintaining customer relationships as a best practice. To ensure repeat business, service teams should understand and cater to their customers’ needs by offering personalised services. Delivering high-quality services tailored to individual requirements ensures field service teams can retain their customers whilst promoting long-term loyalty. 

Train staff in customer interactions

Interacting with customers is a crucial aspect of almost any business yielding both positive and negative results. Some customers frustrated at the issues they face, might present challenges to the assisting technician. Technicians trained to handle difficult customer interactions ensure all customers are left feeling satisfied with the level of service provided no matter how their phone call started.  

5) Listen to customer feedback and adapt

Collecting customer feedback is vital in assessing the performance of a field service team in meeting their customers’ expectations and goals. While solutions such as AIRe Link allow you to collect feedback directly from support sessions, service teams can also gather feedback via online surveys, feedback forms, or even a follow-up phone call. Listening to customer feedback enables field service teams to identify areas in which they are excelling and the areas in which improvements need to be made.  

6) Follow up on customer feedback

Field service teams should not only listen to customer feedback, they should also follow up with customers on the feedback they’ve provided. Valuing your customer feedback by addressing their concerns or compliments can increase customer loyalty. Even negative feedback presents an opportunity for you to demonstrate your adaptability to win back the trust of customers. 

7) Also, listen to your technicians

Technicians perform their duties regularly, therefore, can offer valuable insights into your business’s operations, practices, and decision-making. Considering their opinions will be well informed based on experience, its best practice to take their input into account. Having an open-door policy enables technicians to suggest ways their jobs can be made efficient benefiting the entire service team. 

8) Track the right KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are crucial for measuring the efficiency of service teams. Tracking the right KPIs relevant to your team is essential to understand how well the team is operating. It’s important to determine what KPIs are most relevant to your business and explore ways in which you can track them. Over time you are able to identify areas requiring improvement to enable your team to action in enhancing their performance. 

Take Advantage of data platforms provide

A good portion of field service teams utilize solutions for a range of purposes such as remote visual support. Depending on the solutions used, some such as AIRe Link provide the option to track KPIs directly within their platform. No matter the systems in place, it’s best practice to track available KPIs to have a clearer understanding of your teams’ overall performance.  

9) Keep the field service team maintained

A functional field service team is crucial for businesses dependent on machines for operations. The maintenance of field service teams is key to handling unforeseen issues or breakdowns. Neglecting the training, equipment or other essentials of your team can have an unforeseen effect on customer satisfaction rates ultimately impacting return customers. Discover our 6 tips for maintaining a field service team. 

10) Learn from real-world examples

The last best practice field service teams can implement is to learn from real-world examples. Don’t limit your learning to internal experiences only. With AIRe Link you can discover our customer success stories or dive through our blog posts. Explore new tricks and tips your service team can start learning from. 

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