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Virtual Service Visit

Don’t let printing problems and waiting for an on-site service visit disrupt your workflow. Access real-time remote support, maximizing your Konica Minolta machine uptime.

Virtual Service Visit

Don’t let printing problems and waiting for an on-site visit disrupt your workflow. Access real-time remote support, maximizing your Konica Minolta machine uptime.

Instant teleportation of our service expert

Introducing Virtual Service Visit—a revolutionary approach at Konica Minolta available in selected regions that brings expert assistance directly to you, wherever you are and whenever you need it. Avoid prolonged waiting times and choose seamless problem-solving with augmented reality (AR) technology. Join the countless companies embracing this innovative approach, boosting printing efficiency while minimizing downtime. 

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Why choose Virtual Service Visit?

Experience live, audio-visual guidance for swift issue resolution

Receive effective support boosting your satisfaction

Maximize printing efficiency with minimal disruption

B2B and GDPR compliance ensures secure assistance

Contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by choosing remote support

How does it work?

Access expert assistance seamlessly during critical machine downtime. Connect from any device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or even professional equipment like RealWear smart glasses.

Receive an invitation

Our expert sends you an email or SMS inviting you to join a remote support session.

Click the link and join

Simply click the link in the invitation to instantly connect with our expertno need to download any app.

Show and resolve the issue

The expert will see exactly what you see and guide you through issue resolution using voice and visual instructions.

Enabled by Konica Minolta AIRe Link

The remote support solution for Virtual Service Visit is our very own IP (Intellectual Property). Designed to improve your experience, AIRe Link is available exclusively for Konica Minolta partners and customers. 

3 years of global development and testing

Over 10,000 customers already supported through AIRe Link

Enabling high-quality video for accurate diagnosis

Resolving up to 80% of common issues

Worker with tablet during AIRe Link session
Team in the office with laptops

A professional and secure solution

AIRe Link stands out from private chat apps with its cutting-edge augmented reality technology, visual annotation features, and full B2B compliance, ensuring the avoidance of significant fines.

Statistics for AIRe Link usage in 2023

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of CO2 emissions were avoided
of clients love the experience
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An award-winning tool

AIRe Link has received the esteemed Buyers Lab (BLI) 2022 Pick Award from Keypoint Intelligence for its outstanding performance in long-distance visual support. Additionally, our solution has garnered multiple recognitions, including the highest, from the renowned software marketplace G2 in the best AR collaboration tools category.

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AIRe Link is G2 High Performer
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Customer testimonials

Simple to use

“We are very happy to use the AIRe Link app for remote troubleshooting. It’s simple to use and helps us quickly solve problems remotely. It’s an excellent service that speeds up the service of our devices and eases everyday challenges.”

Solve any problem very quickly

“It is an outstanding solution that helps us to solve any problem very quickly, which is very important in our business. Sometimes it was a problem to explain something over the phone, but with AIRe Link we don’t have that problem.”

Useful and effective solution

“It helps us a lot in the speed of solving problems in critical locations where we need a quick solution to problems with MPF devices. We consider this a useful and effective solution that deserves praise. This program will surely facilitate and speed up remote problem-solving for many users, in order to fulfill their daily tasks. Keep up the good work!”


Virtual Service Visit is offered by Konica Minolta’s service teams in selected regions, such as the UK, and Nordics. This service approach is continuously expanding so contact your local office to confirm its availability.

If your issue can’t be fixed remotely through Virtual Service Visit, we’ll send a technician to your location. We prioritize on-site assistance in such cases to ensure swift resolution and customer satisfaction.

AIRe Link, our solution for Virtual Service Visit, is fully secured and GDPR compliant. Customers are always informed and asked for consent before any session recording occurs, with the option to control camera usage or leave the session at any time.

Our infrastructure is hosted in highly secure AWS data centres, with AWS Cloudfront and AWS WAF providing redundancy and protection against DDoS attacks. Industry-standard encryption protocols and privacy policies are employed to safeguard data, with network isolation and in-transfer encryption securing communication between devices. AIRe Link operates on HTTPS with automatic certificate renewal and implements user role and permissions schemes for data access control,
ensuring GDPR compliance throughout the process.

Yes, Virtual Service Visit is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Whether you have a single printing device or an extensive fleet of equipment, our experts can provide tailored remote assistance.