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Big banks hit with WhatsApp fines. Learn how to keep your company safe

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Most readers will already be familiar with WhatsApp. Often used within many personal lives as a primary source of communication between family and friends. While using WhatsApp for business purposes is often tempting, it is highly recommended to avoid for good reason. This article will highlight recent cases where big banks received WhatsApp fines for using the messaging service internally. In addition, learn tips and tricks that help keep your company safe from a similar outcome. 

Why shouldn’t you use WhatsApp for field Service or customer support?

Whilst the current crackdown we will discuss is from the banking sector. It’s vital to ensure your business is prepared as GDPR regulations are tightended and enforced more across the board. While the good intention to assist colleagues and customer through already established personal communication channels is tempting. You might be putting your business at risk of breching GDPR regulations. 

WhatsApp have been fined for breaching GDPR

WhatsApp was fined €225 Million by the Irish Data Protection Commission in 2021. This was the result of 2018 investigation into how transparent WhatsApp had been when handling customer information. At the time this was the largest GDPR fine however as of July 2021. The European data protection board told the Irish DPC to reassess its findings. Suggesting the fine be reduced to €30 – 50 Million instead. WhatsApp are fighting the fine within Irish courts and it’s expected a resolution won’t be found for years to come. – Source: BBC. 

You risk breaching GDPR & your privacy policy

Many are unaware using WhatsApp for business communications might mean your breaching GDPR or your own privacy policy. The risk is you might expose your customers data, your internal business practises and more to the third-party WhatsApp.  

Depending on your privacy policy, many businesses have clauses about sharing customer data with third parties. Which through the use of WhatsApp, you are potentially breaching leaving you liable to fines or lawsuits if damages occur. 

How can my business be protected?

The best way to protect your business is to utilize GDPR compliant secure channels of communications for business purposes. This way you protect customer data, business practises whilst remaining in line with GDPR regulations. 

Use AIRe Link for remote visual support

Many businesses provide remote visual support services to customers through personal communication channels such as WhatsApp. However, as mentioned prior, this could leave your business liable to fines for breaching GDPR or your privacy policy. 

It’s best to use a GDPR compliant remote visual support tool such as AIRe Link to assist customer visually. In addition to being able to connect visually. The tools provided ensure you can offer a higher-quality service to customers who will notice the difference. Learn more about why businesses should use AIRe Link instead of WhatsApp. 

Use GDPR compliant messaging channels

For internal and customer communications. It is highly recommended to only use GDPR secure channels which should also be outlined within your privacy policy. When it comes to customer communication. Emails and recorded phone lines are the best option to ensure a record of communication is kept in line with GDPR regulations.  

For internal communications secure channels are a must as customer data will be exchanged between employees. Good GDPR communication apps such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more can provide your business the security it requires. It’s best to research messaging apps before settling on one  to ensure security and compliance is a feature. 

Share this article with colleagues

The risks to using WhatsApp are not well-known amongst employees which can further put your business at risk. Although you may tell employees not to use WhatsApp, without them understanding the reasoning behind, they might still do so. Sharing this article with colleagues and friends ensures they understand the risks, making it less likely they will do so to avoid WhatsApp fines.

The banks facing WhatsApp fines

The key focus for regulators word-wide has been the use of WhatsApp within business environments for internal communication. Currently the most notorious cases are from the banking sector were US regulators reached settlement agreements with a wide range of banks totalling more than $2 Billion USD in fines. 

The primary concern of regulators was, communication records were not being kept and could easily be deleted from WhatsApp without trace, which goes against banking regulations on record keeping. Here are a few top examples. 

JPMorgan Chase

The banking firm JPMorgan Chase has been hit with fines from the security and exchange commission ($125 Million) in addition to the commodity future trading commission ($75 Million) totalling $200 Million USD for allowing employees to utilize WhatsApp, and other unsecure channels for communication.  

SEC officials stated, “JPMorgan’s failure to preserve those offline conversations violated federal securities law and left the regulator blind to exchanges between the bank and its clients.” – Source: CNBC. 

Deutsche Bank

Earlier this year, Deutsche Bank’s CEO Christian Sewing and his top nine executives promised to forgo a fraction of their 2021 bonuses totaling €75,000 or just 1.4% of the CEO’s expected yearly bonus. The decision was made to show they’re taking some responsibility for the misuse of unauthorized messaging apps within the bank, however was taken just after JPMorgan received a $200 Million USD fine, potentially in an attempt to avoid serious consequences from regulators – Source: Financial Times.

Other banks

In addition to JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank, other banks including Bank of America, Barclay, Citi, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and UBS are expected to pay $200 Million USD in fines each for their usage of unauthorized messaging apps like WhatsApp. – Source: Wall Street Journal.

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