Use case: Hybrid approach – On-site technology support

Save the technicians an unnecessary service trip

A customer located about 350 km from Konica Minolta, contacted the company about paper jamming in the printer. In the past this would mean having to send out a service technician to take care of the problem. But not now!

This time, it was enough to ask the customer to demonstrate the problem remotely using AIRe Link. As a result, the technician noticed a paper tray setting error on the control panel and advised the client on how to correct the settings, with both audio and visual guidance which AIRe Link provides.

The problem was solved without the need for a personal visit and the technicians were spared a 352 km trip. The customer was glad that the device was back in operation, without having to wait for a technician. Since the technician did not have to visit the location, human resources were used as efficiently as possible. The added value is the reduction of costs for the company as well as zero CO2 emissions.

A service technician repairing a device with AIRe Link remote visual support session

More examples of how to use AIRe Link in practice

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