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AIRe Link Basic vs Professional features – The comparison guide

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Numerous service teams across the globe are interested in augmented reality-based visual support. Despite thisportion are still hesitant to invest. Free AR-based visual support tools like AIRe Link are always recommended before investing to observe how features benefit your team. This article aims to examine the difference between basic and pro AIRe Link while exploring the benefits. Rest assured you won’t be disappointed, and towards the end, might even consider signing up for free. 

What’s included with free AIRe Link basic?

No download required to run remote visual support

AIRe Link makes it easy for technicians to connect with customers hassle free by simply sending a session invite link to their smartphone or tablet device allowing them to connect. AIRe Link works right out of the box. As support sessions are conducted over web-RTC within the customers browser, no downloads are required.

However you might find it useful to find out ways to invite customers to sessions without hassleNot all Free AR-based remote visual support tools can say they offer this!

Session planning

The session planning feature for services teams is perfect, providing an option to run the session immediately or schedule ahead as per technician and customer availability. First name your session then select the client you wish to invite. Enter the agreed upon date and time. You can even tick “invite another assistant” to select another technician who will conduct the session. 

Both the customer and technician will receive an email of the session’s occurrence with ICS invitations. They can then add it within their calendars for an easy reminder. Once it’s time for the support session to go ahead your technicians have the option to send out reminder email or texts containing the connection link. Now your customers won’t forget their scheduled support sessions.  

Have repeat clients? Save their details to your customer database for more efficient session creation. 

Customize email and text templates

Add personal touches, giving customers a welcoming and more professional impression. Adjust the pre-made customer text and email message templates, customize them to better suit your brands style of writing. 

Templates can also be adjusted for multiple languages ensuring you can support customers from all around the world. It’s important to note, while both text and emails templates can be customized with AIRe Link basic only emails can be sent as text messaging is a pro only feature. 

Real-time drawing and live pointer

When it comes to free remote visual support, real-time drawing and live pointer features are extremely handy allowing for faster repairs and ultimately more satisfied customers. The live pointer is a draggable arrow used by technicians to show which element is being referred to. Want to add more detail? Simply take a snapshot, select the real-time drawing tool and start annotating on the customer’s camera feed to explain in more depth. Never has it been so easy to almost touch machine parts remotely!

Built-in live chat

Within support sessions the option to utilize live chat is available for both basic and pro users. In the event voice communication is lost with customers during support sessions, live chat can be utilized to remain in contact ensuring a resolution is found for their issues. In addition, the live chat feature makes sharing links and long texts easier with the ability to copy and paste elsewhere. 

Full resolution snapshots

During remote visual support sessions technicians often utilize annotations to explain clearly to customers how procedures are undertaken. These annotations can serve as a great training resource for service teams providing real world examples of AR-based remote visual support in action to new team members. With AIRe Link basic, snapshots are automatically saved within session details, in the media library tab in full resolution for future use or after the current call sharing with customer concludes.

Create PDF’s after support session

At the end of support sessions, a PDF document can be created outlining what was carried out during the session and more. This PDF can be stored internally or provided to your customers for future reference. In situations where resolutions are not found, a good idea would be to provide field engineers the PDF document so they know what has been tried to better prepare for their on-site visit. 

What’s included in the end of support session PDF document: Session ID, outcome (resolved or not resolved), date and time of support session, time spent on support session, connection quality, agreed fee for support, client and technician Details, the entire chat log and all images taken with annotation made.  

Community support

Connect with AIRe Link users across the globe with Community Support Forums. Here users can checkout and respond to other community member posts, with the option to create their own. Exchange ideas, get community support, and learn more about Augmented Reality-Based Remote Visual Support Together.

What extra’s come with AIRe Link professional subscription?

While free remote visual support provides a wide range of features from which service teams can benefit. It is always recommended to Go Pro and unlock all extra functions enabling a fully professional approach.  

When it comes to the remote support tools such as AIRe Link, many go for Free to try out features with the 30 Day Trial that requires No Credit Card! 

Client support session invitation via text, not just email

In addition to a no download required support session, invitations with pro can be sent out Via sms, not just email. For the majority of customers, receiving an sms invite link will make life easier as the majority are already connecting via their mobile device, there’s even a chance many might not have an email logged in on their device making Pro the best option.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Times arise when customers show technicians text via vzdálenou vizuální podporu that requires copying. This tedious task can become very time-consuming depending on the amount of text. That’s where OCR comes in handy! Technicians simply need to take a snapshot of the customers camera, then select optical character recognition to scan visible text.  

Detected text is saved onto the technician’s clipboard from where it can be pasted anywhere with ease. Efficiency is for sure improved with OCR, turning a time-consuming task into a couple seconds work. 

Group Session

Professional AIRe Link users can utilize the Group Session feature to invite up to five participants to join a single remote support session. This enables teams to collaborate on complex customer issues, facilitates on-the-job training for junior technicians by enabling them to observe senior technicians in action, and offers the ability to escalate calls to senior technicians seamlessly without ending the ongoing session. Group sessions can be used for much more than outlined so be sure to test the feature for yourself a see how your team can fully take advantage. 

Searchable media library

All content produced from support session, may that be snapshots, video recordings are saved within the media library. Upon saving content certain tags can be applied, making it easier for future service team members to filter for relevant content improving internal efficiency. Saved content can be used to resolve complex issues smoothly and help train staff faster as visual demonstrations from live support sessions are available to learn from!

Team management made easy

With AIRe Link Pro, team management is made easy and efficient. Separate teams can be created and named with the option to add staff as either admins or members. Admins can then adjust the role permissions of members to limit their access to the platform if required. Field service teams often use team management to separate technicians by department or function they are assigned for better coordination.  

Team members will only be able to access dashboard data, media library content and support sessions relating to their work. Administrators have the ability to view averages from the entire team’s work, all media saved in the library, and view all support sessions. This allows admins to track the efficiency of teams in addition to seeing who is responsible for which support session. 

Knowledge Base

Directly from within AIRe Link, service teams can create Knowledge Base articles, for any purpose, accessible by everyone on their team under the same subscription. Juniorní Knowledge Base feature can be used to produce default resolution guides, keep track of customer support sessions, create plans of action and much more. Now your technicians can access vital documentation while delivering remote support without the need to switch between applications. 

Analytical metrics

View useful metrics that can be narrowed down by day, week, month, year, or any time period required. Find out how many calls were taken, what the total time spent was, the average time per call, and more. Customers can also leave feedback at the end of sessions. Which you can access to see how well your technical team are handling service requests. All from within your dashboard!  

Best of all analytical data can be converted into a CSV, XLS or JSON file for exportation or shared with 3rd parties using built-in dynamic URLs linking to excel data sheets. 

Screen sharing

Technicians using AIRe Link Pro possess the ability to share screens with customers. Screen share is a vital tool to have when it comes to remote visual support. There are moments when showing customers on-screen resources help solve their problem much faster than trying to explain them.

Priority support

Unsure how to complete a certain function or need help with a task? With priority support, you can request help from AIRe Link and one of their friendly customer support team members will assist you through the process. Best of all, with pro, your ticket will be marked a priority issue!

Voice-to-text transcriptions

Support sessions conducted can be saved within the media library from which you have the option to create voice-to-text transcriptions. While voice-to-text transcriptions support multiple languages that can be tracked here, only the language communicated within the call can be transcribed.  

Machine learning detects voices within the call. Then converts to plain text, ready to be shared, downloaded as a pdf, or added to the knowledge base. Support sessions serve as great training resource therefore having the option to automatically create transcriptions is always recommended. 


With free AR-Based visual support available. There is simply no excuse not to experience the benefits to see how well they match your services team’s requirements. Many will assume they don’t need augmented reality-based visual support however, after giving remote support tools a try. They realize no longer can they function without them. Still, have questions or want a tour of the platform? Book a Guided Demo Today! 

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