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Why manufacturing companies will not survive without ar-based remote visual support

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Did You Know? Machine failure each year costs manufacturing companies over $1 Trillion in losses according to a recent report by SenseyeThat’s a lot of money spent on machine upkeep alone! So naturally, when manufacturers are deciding what piece of equipment to purchase, serviceability and support are crucial factors requiring evaluation.

One of the latest innovations manufacturing companies will not survive without. Is improving service and support performance indicators such as time-to-fix, first-time fix ratio, unexpected downtime, and engineer visit avoidance. Augmented Reality-based remote visual support facilitates technicians to lend their skills to field engineers or customer operators working on equipment anywhere in the world. Best of all this can be done within a minute.  

AR-based visual support is coming

Don’t just take our word for it. AR-Based visual support is making an introduction to the field service industry as the future of support. When asked in the 2021 Technology Investment Plans survey what “new” technology investments are you currently planning to make? 26% of respondents out of nearly one hundred service executives stated “Visual Support Technologies (Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Extended Reality)” triumphing over categories such as Artificial Intelligence and more. It’s safe to suggest the inevitable for manufacturing companies is unavoidable.

What makes AR-based remote visual support so appealing to manufacturing companies?

So, what’s making augmented reality-based visual support so appealing to manufacturing companies? Just have a look at some benefits remote visual support tools such as AIRe Link provide and then the answer becomes obvious.

Quicker fixes

Quicker fixes can be achieved by diagnosing machine faults remotely before on-site visits occur. Providing teams better perspectives of issues at hand. Best of all, remote diagnosis could resolve the problem without the need for onsite visits. Saving time, reducing machine downtime, and resulting in quicker fixes. Learn more about remote diagnosis.

Improved efficiency

Diagnosing machine faults remotely not only increases the odds of remote fixes occurring. It enables manufacturing companies to assess each situation individually. Improved efficiency comes from knowing what faults are present so technicians can arrive on-site with solutions in mind. Whereas before technicians would assess each situation on the first visit. Then return for a second repair visit with spare parts. Learn more about remote inspections. 

Reduced operating costs

Through the use of remote visual support, manufacturing companies are able to lower engineer callouts, resolve issues faster, and improve efficiency while reducing operating costs. Engineer callouts aren’t cheap, travel, accommodation, and other expenses are reduced simply by adopting the remote diagnoses first approach.

Better knowledge sharing

Through the power of augmented-based remote visual support, manufacturing companies have a better way to share knowledge amongst technicians, engineers, and customers. High-grade repair documentation can be created for different situations from which staff can access when issues occur, outlining the best procedure for resolution. Never has it been easier for newer staff to undertake repairs with less experience while they learn more on the job.

Transparent reporting

Valuable data is collected from each technical session to measure the effectiveness of remote visual support across your business including customer feedback, the most common issue resolved, the best support agent, and much more. Enabling you to take into consideration reported data to make better business decisions.

GDPR compliance

Manufactures often use unsecure private chat apps like WhatsApp instead of professional remote visual support solutions, putting them at risk of breaching GDPR. It’s best to use a professional remote visual support tool like AIRe Link which is GDPR compliant, secure, and effective. Don’t risk high penalties and the poor brand image associated! 

Attract the best talent

It’s no surprise that the younger generation of field service technicians are not accustomed to bulky printed manuals as a result many learn from internet resources and how-to videos. That’s why it makes sense to incorporate modern field service technologies. The best talents want to work with the best tech. 

Increased profitability

Manufacturing companies will know how costly machine downtime can be with issues requiring urgent attention. Investing in augmented reality-based visual support just makes sense! Your machines can be repaired quicker than before, reducing downtime which is vital if you want to increase profitability! 

Book a demo or trial

It’s almost certain AR-Based remote visual support is on the radar of your competitors if not already implemented by now! Don’t fall behind. Learn more from a Free Demo with AIRe Link! An expert will guide you through the remote visual support tool highlighting functions while answering any questions you may have. 

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