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What types of businesses require remote visual support?

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Ever wondered if remote visual support tools are the right solution for your business to invest in? Often a tricky question to answer. This article will highlight example businesses that can benefit from AIRe Links usage to provide customer remote assistance services. Understanding potential use cases for remote visual support tools provides a clearer image of functionality. You can then decide if the solution is right for your business. 

What businesses use remote visual support?

Manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies often operate machinery valuable to the heart of their performance. Should breakdowns occur, they lead to bottlenecks that slow down, or even halt production lines. That’s where AIRe Link comes in handy. When breakdowns occur requiring specialist knowledge. Connect your experts to already on-site teams to provide a solution remotely minimising production delays all without the expert having to travel on-site. Want to learn more about why manufacturing companies should invest in AIRe Link? 

Warranty issuers

Warranty issuers for products such as consumer electronics can reduce operational costs while ensuring customers are kept happy. Sending an engineer onsite each time issues under warranty occurs, ultimately reduces profit margins. Especially for simple issues customers could fix themselves with the correct guidance. 

Phone support teams can work with remote visual support tools such as AIRe Link to visually diagnose customer issues. Potentially resolving their issue in the process. Issues that cannot be resolved with the aid of remote assistance can be escalated for engineer callout, return or refund. 

Field service teams

Field service teams operate in a wide range of industries with the same goal in mind, providing their customer’s outstanding support services. Companies operating by sending engineers to customer sites for undertaking repairs can benefit from AIRe Link. Service teams should attempt remote diagnoses first to understand present issues, remote assistance can be provided to resolve the issue remotely or escalated for an engineer call out.

Diagnoses details can be forwarded to the attending engineer enabling them to arrive onsite with a clear understanding of the issues present and a solution in mind. Customers in both scenarios receive faster fixes, a higher quality of service, and are able to continue their business operations while you reduce costs. Discover more opportunities remote visual support offers field service teams.

Insurance providers

Insurance providers can use remote visual support tools to help with insurance claims. Customers calling support lines to make a claim can be asked to visually show the damage present, agents can record and asses the situation while estimating repair costs. Cases can be escalated for in-person inspections, repairs, pay-outs, or rejections depending on the agent’s assessment. Insurance companies can process more claims leading to happier customers with AIRe Link, while reducing business expenses.

Utility providers

Utility providers know all too well when issues occur, customers are left without electricity, heating, water, and other services heavily relied on. Providers of utility services can leverage the use of remote visual support AIRe Link to connect with customers visually to clearly see issues present, conduct risk assessments, guide customers through a solution or show how to disconnect utilities safely while awaiting an engineer visit 

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