Prudhvi Raj P Success Story


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Senior Customer Support Engineer / Konica Minolta India

We reached out to our AIRe Link community to discover how our visual remote support tool is supporting individuals in their roles. We wanted to understand the types of problems AIRe Link helps them overcome and how their customers have responded to receiving remote support. Here’s what Prudhvi had to say:

Please describe your role

I’m a Senior Customer Support Engineer in India. My team is made up of 10 Engineers.

What customer issues does your team solve? What are your goals and vision?

My team solves issues like paper jam removals, and change of adjustments and settings. Our goal is to reduce the downtime of machines so we can achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our vision is that with AIRe Link, we can connect the world and support customer problems anywhere in the world.

How does AIRe Link support your customer service and benefit your business?

My main agenda is to maintain 100% uptime of my customer’s machines. AIRe Link helps me resolve machine problems remotely – reducing customer downtime and my travel time too.

Can you describe a specific customer issue which was resolved with the help of AIRe Link?

One customer, who is 200km from my location, had an issue where a sensor position needed to be adjusted. With the help of AIRe Link I was able to guide them to resolve the issue in 30 minutes. Without AIRe Link, it would have taken me 4 hours and 400km of travel to resolve the issue.

How did AIRe Link help to resolve the issue?

AIRe Link enabled me to easily guide the new customer who did not have technical knowledge. It also increased the confidence of the customer.

What features did you use?

Pointer usage is outstanding. I simply locate the exact point, capture the image, mark and resend it to the customer. You can zoom in and zoom out the location too. Being able to switch ON/OFF the clients’ flashlight is the most useful feature.

What was the outcome? Was the customer happy?

Most importantly AIRe Link does not require high bandwidth network as it consumes less data. This above feature is helpful for my most remote customers. They can give feedback post the issue – which boosts our confidence. Our customers say how Konica Minolta have crossed a milestone by overtaking WhatsApp video call support, with an easy, outstanding tool like AIRe Link.

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