Michael Klym
Success Story


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Production Systems Specialist / Konica Minolta Canada

Using AIRe Link saves Michael's team hours of travelling every week. Discover how he solves all sorts of problems remotely using the visual support tool - and why his customers love it too.

Please describe your role

I work at Konica Minolta Canada as a Production Systems Specialist. There are 9 technicians in my team, dealing with production and industrial machines. We cover the entire province of Alberta, Canada. The province is 661,848 km2 so we have to drive a lot.

What customer issues does your team solve? What are your goals and vision?

We solve all sorts of problems, from simple maintenance to very complicated replacement of broken modules. We often have to solve problems that are in the process of printing and the customer cannot wait for us to arrive. The company's goal is to solve as many problems as possible remotely and save time and costs related to the journey to the client. We also try to prepare as much as possible before visiting the client in order to solve the problem during the first visit.

How does AIRe Link support your customer service and benefit your business?

I’m very happy with the AIRe Link remote support tool. It helps me a lot in my daily work. It enables me to help the client quickly and be more prepared for the visit if needed. It is also a great achievement to be able to see what the customer sees with their phone.

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