Makhymo Remote Visual Support Success Story


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Service Desk Operator Makhymo, Ugo Pelizzari

We reached out to our partners to discover how remote visual support is assisting companies in providing support services to customers. We wanted to explore the types of problems AIRe Link helps them resolve and how daily business operations have been changed as a result of remote visual support implementation. Here’s what service desk operator Ugo Pelizzari had to say.

Please describe your company.

Makhymo S.r.l is a dynamic, constantly growing company with over 30 years of experience working with professionals, companies, and public administrators to provide printing solutions and specialized office consulting services. We offer services aimed at identifying the most suitable solutions for customer needs, supplying the best hardware possible with a focus on after-sales services such as support. Customers choose Makhymo S.r.l because they can count on a team of specialists to provide support from the consultancy stage right through to after-sales support.

What are your impressions of AIRe Link?

We first introduced the use of AIRe Link in early 2020. In the beginning, we were sceptical in the use of a tool for our often-delicate interventions. It has proven to be a fundamental solution that optimizes the way in which assistance is provided, bringing unexpected benefits in addition to the obvious.. AIRe Link allows clear cost savings in the majority of minor problems. In fact, most of the expenses for these interventions would be related to travel and time lost in the car.

Can you share some of the unexpected benefits you experienced?

We noticed that in 90% of support cases the customer is happier when a resolution is found for their problem remotely because the fix arrives faster. The intelligent and effective tool was seen in customers’ eyes as professional which helps to build better relationships. We also noticed customer involvement often facilitated an involuntary learning process in which the user understood how to undertake maintenance tasks. Our customers are becoming more autonomous in resolving issues allowing us to reduce support requests in the future. In addition, as we resolve issues faster, customers see business continuity benefits from much shorter interruptions, having business operations running faster, allowing for a greater focus on other elements of their business.

How has AIRe Link impacted your customers?

AIRe Link allows us to offer a professional service to our customers who require help with various problems on printing systems. Thanks to the simplicity of the tool, we are able to support them remotely in identifying the problem and solving . As we receive the call, the ticket is opened and in 85% of cases, the problem can be solved remotely thanks to AIRe Link. Often the problem is minor, and the intervention does not last long. In many cases, the user actively participates and understands what the solution can be, so that they can in the future intervene independently in case they are facing the same problem.

Has AIRe Link improved your support teams efficiency?

Even in the case of a problem that necessarily requires on-site intervention, the use of AIRe Link allows us to undertake very important diagnoses so engineers arrive at the customer site with clear ideas of a "solution already in mind". In this way, the intervention takes place more efficiently and usually in less time. We are talking about a tool as a service of companies and as such must be managed by a competent technician with a good level of experience. Every intervention can be managed effectively, also relying on the collaboration of the user who trusts us to be guided.

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