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We all know the world is currently focused on climate change with the United Nations declaring a climate crisis. It’s a global concern that calls for urgent action from all businesses and consumers. Have your service team at the forefront of combating climate change with technology as your ally. Let’s explore how AIRe Link’s remote visual support solution can assist your service team in reducing CO2 emissions while simultaneously delivering customers faster resolutions. 

How your business saves on CO2 emissions through AIRe Link usage

Field service teams are vital to various industries with many relying on their expertise to continue operations. Service teams are often required to travel for on-site inspections, repairs and maintenance which leads to significant CO2 emission contributions. The use of eco-friendly solutions yields multiple benefits such as cost savings, increased attractiveness to new customers and more. Not only are you saving on emissions, but your partners will also by working with you further boosting your service team’s attractiveness to those looking for environmentally friendly service options 

1) AIRe Link reduces the need for travel

Picture the amount of emissions your service team has produced flying or driving to customer locations to find out on arrival their issue only required a simple fix that with the right tool could have been solved remotely. In fact, EU figures from 2019 show light-duty vehicles such as vans and small trucks, often used by service teams, contributed 11% of total CO2 emissions in the transportation sector with personal cars making up the majority at 71.7%. 

AIRe Link is a transformative tool that enhances what’s possible remotely so fewer in-person visits are required. You can actively play a part in reducing the need for travel by resolving customer issues and carrying out inspections through AIRe Link. Not only will you cut down on CO2 emissions, your team can deliver solutions faster, leading to happier customers while decreasing your travel expenses. 

2) AIRe Link decreases the number of visits per customer issue

AIRe Link can also be used to prevent multiple visits per customer issue further reducing CO2 emissions when remote fixes cannot be delivered, and in-person visits are essential. When customers request assistance first connect with them through AIRe Link to visually see the issue they are facing. Your technician diagnoses their issue and notes down any spare parts that might be required to carry out repairs. These spare parts can be ordered in advance before any engineers arrive on-site.  

Now your engineer no longer has to make multiple trips to first diagnose and then await the delivery of spare parts or to collect tools before returning. They can have all the tools and spare parts with them on the first visit and best of all have a solution in mind before arriving leading to speedy repairs, more satisfied customers, and fewer emissions. 

On-site engineer ready with the correct tools first time

3) Service teams save on vehicle maintenance

Maintaining fleet vehicles is not only costly but produces carbon emissions through the production and transportation of spare parts, repair callouts and more. Service teams that utilize AIRe Link are not as likely to go on-site therefore the need to maintain fleet vehicles is reduced. Reduced on-site visits translate to decreased wear and tear on fleet vehicles meaning fewer maintenance tasks and greater reductions in emissions. 

Konica Minolta going green with AIRe Link

Konica Minolta is looking to reduce its impact on the environment while building sustainable business practices as part of their environmental social governance program. So far Konica Minolta has managed to switch three of their factories to 100% renewable electricity sources and has decreased carbon emissions by 60% comparing data from 2005 to 2022. With AIRe Link as part of their toolbox Konica Minolta is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 in line with EU plans. 

Infact through AIRe Link usage Konica Minolta has seen significant C02 emission savings. For the year 2022, Konica Minolta saved an estimated 78 tones of C02 emissions. That’s an outstanding 279,000 kilometres of travel prevented directly because of AIRe Link. 

AIRe Link tracks CO2 emissions saved through usage

The AIRe Link dashboard provides service teams with a range of information and metrics for all sessions conducted. Included as one of the metrics is an estimate of total CO2 emissions saved by conducting support remotely. After every support session, AIRe Link calculates the distance between you and your customer estimating the total time and CO2 emissions saved by not traveling on-site.  

Here is a prime example of how the system works from one of Konica Minolta’s Project Leads Martin McLean resolving a large capacity print unit issue for a customer. What would have been a 387km journey taking 5 hours and 44 minutes to complete took under 3 minutes to resolve through AIRe Link. Not only was a great deal of time saved, an estimated 72.476kg of CO2 emissions was prevented. 

Estimated C02 savings data from the AIRe Link dashboard

Record CO2 emissions saved for regulatory compliance

The European Union are looking to introduce new policies capping carbon emissions certain industries can produce through their “Fir for 55 plan. Because you use AIRe Link, CO2 reduction data at your disposal could be shared with regulators to demonstrate your compliance should upcoming policies impact your service team. 

Show off sustainability as part of your brand

As mentioned above many eco-conscious businesses are looking to partner with eco-friendly service teams so sharing the emissions saved through AIRe Link usage might help generate new business. This data could be shared on your website, through email to existing customers, on social media accounts or in other ways to show sustainability is a part of your brand identity. 

The impact of AIRe Link on our users so far

Service teams using AIRe Link are already seeing a significant impact on C02 emissions, distanced travelled and time saved. For the year 2022 all our customers combined have prevented an estimated 12 tones of C02 emissions. That’s 61,000 kilometres of travel that was avoided thanks to the solution. If we imagine on average each journey had an average speed of 60 kph, we can estimate in total 1,016.67 hours were saved. That’s roughly equivalent to 42.36 days or 1.39 months of continuous travel. Valuable time saved that AIRe Link users are already dedicating to more meaningful tasks rather than travel. 

Why should your service team become climate-neutral

The European Union have introduced their “Fit for 55 plan”. Their aim is to cut emissions by 55% across the union by 2030 compared to data from the 1990’s. The end goal is to become climate-neutral by 2050 through new policies as part of their wider green deal initiative. Part of this plan is to introduce a new emissions trading system. There are many elements and factors that are subject to change, so it is useful to learn more and stay updated with the latest developments from the EU. 

Understanding the Emissions Trading System

The new emissions trading system aims to place a cap on total emissions each industry is allowed to produce. This cap over time will gradually decrease to meet the 2050 goal of being carbon neutral. Businesses operating in affected industries will be provided carbon permits, each permit allows one ton of carbon emissions to be produced. Companies able to reduce emissions enough to not require all their permits can sell them on a new market to other businesses or bank them as unused. 

Why European service teams should pay attention

Depending on the industry your service team operates you may be subject to the new emissions trading system with a cap placed on emissions you can produce throughout the year. Some countries, most notably the Nordic region, already enforce requirements for ESG friendlessness, businesses need to already be aiming for carbon neutrality with specific quotas they are measuring to participate in state tenders. 

It’s unclear whether all industries service teams operate will be affected but for now, we know energy production, aviation and heavy industries will be. This is subject to change and could include more industries as policies progress. It’s vital your service team gets ahead of the change and starts implementing ways to reduce carbon emissions before new policy comes into effect.  

Should your business rely on carbon permits in the future, reducing carbon emissions now ensures you are ready and might even profit through selling spare permits not required on the new marketplace. 

Go green for free with AIRe Link

Not yet convinced? Try AIRe Link with our 30-day free professional trial with no credit card requirements to see the results for yourself. Test our features and see the impact remote visual support has on your service team and CO2 emissions. After the 30-day trial, your account will be downgraded to our free basic version so you can continue to test if AIRe Link is right for your team.

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