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How remote visual inspections are possible with AIRe Link

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When we think about remote visual inspections. What comes to mind is probably an operator or an engineer checking a piece of equipment or machinery on site. But it’s becoming more and more common to see remote teams supporting these types of inspections. That’s why we are going to discover how AIRe Link is making remote visual inspections possible and as equally important. Why inspections should be undertaken to begin with.

How do remote visual inspections work?

Through the use of remote visual support solutions, remote inspectors can connect with onsite machine operators and as a result. Can guide the operator through machine inspection tasks without having to be there in person. Both can determine if components are functioning properly and can identify faults as if they were working side by side. 

That goes without mentioning, the exchange of knowledge between experienced inspectors and onsite operators can accelerate disorganises and repairs later on down the line. 

AIRe Link enables remote visual inspections. But how?

Augmented reality-based remote visual support AIRe Link not only enables service teams to resolve current issues. For example, they can also inspect machinery or equipment to identify faults before they become problems. This way, service teams can see exactly how machines are performing to assess if any issues are present requiring attention. 

Don’t forget. With AIRe Link you can record sessions to keep a file on inspections carried out. Should issues occur later on, the footage can be reviewed to help identify the root cause. 

Why should I carry out remote visual inspections?

Inspections of crucial business machinery and equipment should be carried out for a number of reasons. It is recommended to make remote visual inspections a regular occurrence every couple of months to keep operations running smoothly. Discover from real-world examples how else remote support tools can be used.

Faults can be resolved before problems occur

Carrying out inspections of machinery and equipment increases the chance faults are detected before they create problems. Small minor issues left undetected can become big problems resulting in machine breakdowns. Conducting remote inspections on a regular basis can decrease the need for on-site visits whilst ensuring businesses remain operational. 

Two service technicians repairing a device

How do remote visual inspections work?

Remote visual inspections can be carried out by connecting already onsite machine operators with remote inspectors via AR-based remote visual support. The inspector can guide operators through inspecting the machine, they can capture images from the equipment being inspected and determine if any faults are present as if both were inspecting side by side. In addition, the exchange of knowledge between experienced inspectors and onsite operators can accelerate disorganizes and repairs later on down the line.

Equipment life span can be increased

Equipment life span can be increased by carrying out regular remote visual inspections. Inspected equipment is repaired more often and maintained to higher standards therefore ends up lasting longer. Equipment not regularly inspected can build up minor faults that become a major problem potentially leading to a permanent breakdown. 

Tools and spare parts are guaranteed to be in stock

As part of regular remote visual inspections, service tools in addition to spare parts should be audited. Now without a doubt you know the inventory you carry, matches the inventory recorded on paper. The last thing needed is for engineers to arrive on-site to find paper records don’t match reality with spare parts needing to be ordered ultimately delaying service requests 

Simply connect to AR-based remote visual support in collaboration with already on-site local engineers to have them show inventory stores. Your technicians as a result can quickly and easily update stock levels. When using solutions like AIRe Link, technicians can even take pictures and video as evidence. 

A woman service technician repairing a device

Overall costs can be reduced

Field service teams carrying out remote visual inspections can reduce their overall costs. For instance, inspectors no longer need to leave the office, travel costs can be reduced whilst more inspections can be carried out each day. Best of all, when engineer callouts are required, issues can be resolved faster thanks to the prior remote diagnoses. Learn more about the remote diagnosis first approach.

Customers are more satisfied

Customers of field service teams carrying out remote visual inspections experience higher uptimes as a result. Likewise, they also feel confident in the operational abilities of their equipment knowing minor faults are detected before major problems occur.  

Try AIRe Link for free

Try AIRe Link for free without the need for a credit card with a 30-day premium trial. Test the features on offer to discover if remote visual support AIRe Link is right for your field service team. Have any questions? Book a meeting with an expert for an AIRe Link walk-through and to have any query resolved. 

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